The Romanian Law Firm Pavel, Mărgărit and Associates, specialized in commercial law, GDPR, media and communications technology (TMT) in Romania, provided guidance to a UK IT company that developed a platform that automatically generates CVs for interested persons who fill in certain essential fields on the website where the platform is found, in reviewing the Romanian Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy, documents necessary for the operation of the website where the platform is located.

Pavel, Mărgărit and Associates Romanian Law Firm reviewed issues related to the right of withdrawal from the contract in Romania, the limitation of liability according to Romanian legislation, the method of making payments, the intellectual property rights of the English company. The privacy policy in Romania required special attention, as people interested in uploading their personal data on the human resources (HR) platform, so their processing must be carried out under maximum security and legality.

The legal services included online review of Terms of Service, Privacy Policy review in Romania, website Terms and conditions in Romania, review of Cookies Policy in Romania, review of Contract Withdrawal Policy in Romania.

Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm recommends you to address a lawyer specialized in reviewing Terms of Services in Romania, Terms of Use in Romania, Website Agreement in Romania.

In the situation where you want to carry out an activity in full legality, Pavel Mărgarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm recommends contacting a lawyer specialized in commercial law, GPDR, media and communications technology (TMT) who can advise you on the necessary documentation and providing complete and correct information in order to prepare the Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions of the Romanian websites, Privacy policy, Withdrawal from the Contract Policy in Romania.

In order to operate in Romania a website, it is strongly recommended to hire a lawyer specialized in commercial law, GPDR, media and communications technology (TMT) who can advise you to review Terms and Conditions in Romania, review Privacy Policy in Romania, review Cookie Policy in Romania, review Contract Withdrawal in Romania.

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