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Kochański & Partners has received a high rating in the ESG audit conducted by EcoVadis, an international specialist rating agency. EcoVadis is a trusted provider of corporate sustainability ratings, having to date audited more than 100,000 businesses from around the world. To demonstrate its commitment to responsible and sustainable business conduct, the Firm underwent a detailed analysis of its non-financial activities. The high rating and the silver medal awarded to Kochański & Partners reflect its maturity and attention to high management standards.

The EcoVadis audit determines how successfully an audited business has integrated sustainable development and CSR principles into its operations and management. The assessment process takes into account 21 sustainable development criteria centred on four thematic areas: environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable supply chains. The criteria for this complex audit are based on international sustainable development standards, such as: the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the ISO 26000 standard.

The EcoVadis audit brought Kochański & Partners a high rating – the SILVER medal. The Firm was placed in the 89th percentile of the total number of organisations audited to date, and among the 11% of the highest-scoring businesses.

“The audit gave us an objective assessment of our Firm’s maturity and of how we compare to others. We are pleased with the rating, which motivates us to do even more. We are a reliable employer and offer a friendly working environment. We are also proud of the fact that the projects we work on are of great importance to the changing world, and together we want to change it for the better,” says Piotr Kochański, Managing Partner.

“From our point of view, it is not only the SILVER medal that is important, although this is certainly a measurable result of the assessment of our activities. An important part of the EcoVadis audit is the information on the areas that need further work and strengthening. We have always set ourselves the goal of continuous development and striving for excellence, which is why we take the obtained recommendations for further sustainable activities to heart and will implement them consistently,” adds Monika Wojciechowska, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Although Kochański & Partners is not subject to the legal requirement of non-financial reporting, it has for many years set itself ambitious goals for responsible business conduct. Over the years, the Firm has undertaken a number of initiatives to maximise the positive impact of its activities on the social and business environment. As an example of this, Kochański & Partners recently joined the UN Global Compact – an international initiative to promote and support the development of sustainable business, signed the Diversity Charter, and conducted a series of internal trainings and meetings on environmental protection, protection against corruption, harassment and discrimination to support the development of an inclusive organisational culture.

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