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Dispute resolution Tier 3

The disputes team at Kochanski & Partners handles litigation, with experience before Polish courts at all levels including the Supreme Court. The group also handles administrative court proceedings. Arbitration is another area of expertise, and practice head Marek Jeżewski has built a strong practice in commercial and investment arbitration, particularly in relation to investment treaties for private investors and government agencies. Michal KönigMateusz Ostrowski and Agnieszka Chajewska were promoted to the partnership.

Practice head(s):


The arbitration practice is absolutely market-leading in Poland.

Marek Jeżewski has a unique combination of scholarly accomplishment and highly efficient case management.

A very knowledgeable Polish disputes resolution team led by the very impressive Marek Jeżewski.

Key clients


Bank Millennium

Energa S.A.

Indus AG


Bögl a Krysl

Energy and natural resources Tier 3

The team at Kochanski & Partners has experience in electromobility and energy efficiency projects, as well as conventional and renewable energy matters. It is jointly led by regulatory expert Wojciech Wrochna, who is particularly focused on the capacity market, and Aleksander Galos, a go-to name for project-related financing, corporate and regulatory issues.

Key clients

Johnson Matthey plc

Air Products

Swiss Krono

Tauron Dystrybucja


CEE Equity Partners

Intellectual property Tier 3

The department at Kochanski & Partners is focused on trade mark protection work, and the team has substantial experience in trade mark litigation and defence. The group also has expertise in domain name issues, including negotiations, recovery and litigation. The department is jointly led by Karolina Marciniszyn, who is an expert in industrial property litigation, and name partner Piotr Kochanski.


The team excels in providing concise practical advice and has heaps of invaluable local knowledge in navigating the waters of trademarks and domain name defence.

We regard the firm as one of the very best Polish firms for IP and IT issues. They are the obvious choice for us.

Clients like Karolina Marciniszyn’s responsiveness, reliability and her comprehensive legal knowledge with which she successfully handles even the most difficult cases.

Key clients


Business Link

Swissdent Cosmetics




Hasco Lek



Ringer Axel Springer Polska


Reckitt Benckiser

Real estate Tier 3

The team at Kochanski & Partners has maintained a strong real estate team following the firm's split from Zieba & Partners, and regularly acts for domestic and international clients on major real estate transactions. The group is led by Paweł Cholewiński and is able to draw on the expertise of the firm's corporate department, which includes Rafał Rapala. Counsel Marcin Rzysko is another key name with experience in greenfield investments and commercial property acquisitions.

Practice head(s):


Marcin Rżysko is a talented and diligent real estate legal professional. It is a pleasure to work with him and his team.

Key clients

Johnson Matthey plc

Inter Cars

Cola Cola HBC Polska

Beneteau Group


Oxenwood Real Estate


Portus Retail

Ferro Corporation

Gas Transmission Operator Gaz-System

EPP (Echo Polska Properties)

Griffin Real Estate

Redefine Properties

Universal Fibers

Jula Poland

Skanska Property Poland

Deutsche Hypothekenbank (Actien-Gesellschaft)

YIT Development

Reckit Benckiser

Restructuring and insolvency Tier 3

Kochanski & Partners advises and represents creditors and debtors in insolvency and restructuring proceedings and processes. The team also assists clients on debt recovery issues. Transactional lawyer Rafał Rapala jointly leads the team alongside litigator Mateusz Ostrowski and restructuring expert Agnieszka Serzysko.

Key clients



Griffin Real Estate

ING Lease

ING Finance

LOT Polish Airlines

Proservice Finteco

Diebold Nixdorf

Tax Tier 3

Newly promoted partner Agata Dziwisz heads up the department at Kochanski & Partners, which is noted for its expertise in tax planning and structuring work and international tax issues. Other areas the firm handles are transfer pricing work, customs issues, compliance mandates, as well as tax litigation before the Polish courts and authorities.

Practice head(s):

Key clients


Echo Polska Properties

State Street Bank

Johnson Matthey plc

Credit Information Bureau


Forza Foods

Banking and finance Tier 4

Kochanski & Partners' key competencies include real estate finance, acquisition and asset financings, refinancing and financial restructuring. The group also has a regulatory practice, which has expertise working on PSD2 implementation projects, as well as banking-related cloud computing projects. Promoted to partner in July 2019, Agnieszka Serzysko leads the team, drawing on experience of cross-border projects. Olgierd Świerzewski is another key name, and regularly advises foreign corporates on financing for their investments in Poland.

Practice head(s):


Kochanski & Partners is a practical and results-oriented team. The law firm has a solid expertise in financial services, excellent availability and provided top-level advice at a reasonable cost.

I would like to mention PhD Agnieszka Serzysko, a great professional. She has a strong expertise in financial regulation and, in my particular case, excellent expertise in fintech matters (PSD2). She was very efficient and provided accurate and tailor-made legal documentation.

Key clients

Davidson Kempner Capital Management

ING Lease

ING Finance

Bank Millennium

Credit Information Bureau

Deutsche Hypothekenbank

IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG

Griffin Real Estate

Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 4

Kochanski & Partners' lawyers have considerable experience in M&A transactions as well as complex reorganisations. The group maintains an impressive list of domestic and international clients, including Diebold Nixdorf and LOT Polish Airlines. Corporate and M&A matters are jointly led by Rafał Rapala, whose expertise also spans international commercial transactions, restructuring and insolvency, real estate specialist Paweł Cholewiński and corporate transactional expert Paweł Mardas, who was promoted to partner in January 2019.


The team has extreme detailed knowledge in the fields they work on. It always presents extraordinary solutions and concepts, away from standard procedures.

Rafał Rapala and his team are exceptional in follow up of the cases. They think beyond their own nose, always taking care of complex scenarios.

The firm has a great team consisting of specialists in their specific fields. It is perfect working with them, as they are able to provide excellent legal solutions for every legal question you might have; and due to the size of the team, within shortest reaction times.

Key clients

Johnson Matthey

State Street Global Advisory


One Peak Partners

Oxenwood Real Estate


Beneteau Group

LOT Polish Airlines

Knapp AG


Griffin Group



Pollen Street Capital

Chrysler Poland

Diebold Nixdorf

Ikea Purchasing Services

Universal Fibers

Ferro Corporation


TMT Tier 4

In early 2019, the team at Kochanski & Partners benefited from the arrival of former sole practitioner Maciej Mackiewicz, an expert in cybersecurity issues with a particular focus on cyber-crime and forensics, who now leads the department. Areas of expertise also include the implementation of cloud computing in the banking sector. Karolina Marciniszyn is another name to note, with substantial experience in industrial property litigation.

Practice head(s):


Excellent all round commercially driven advice

They are for us the obvious choice

Karolina Marciniszyn has been our first port of call in Poland for almost ten years. Clients particularly like her responsiveness, her enormous reliability and her comprehensive legal knowledge with which she successfully handles even the most difficult cases

Key clients




Johnson Matthey Poland


Ringier Axel Springer Polska




Diebold Nixdorf



Havi Logistics

Reckitt Benckiser Polska


Natural Pharmaceiticals


We combine technological progress, experience and expertise to create innovative legal solutions and offer our clients top quality services.

We never rest in the face of the challenges of an ever-changing world – but take steady steps into the future.

Our team of nearly 100 top lawyers work in interdisciplinary groups, fusing expertise with an innovative business approach. Our unconventional approach has been recognised in prestigious international and Polish rankings.

Meet Kochański & Partners – the law firm of tomorrow.

Department Name Email Telephone
Media; IP Piotr Kochanski +48 602 218 217
Corporate Rafal Rapala +48 608 444 650
Arbitration Marek Jezewski +48 795 548 314
Technology Transactions Olgierd Swierzewski +48 788 262 267
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Olgierd Świerzewski  photo Mr Olgierd Świerzewski Partner, Executive Director, Head of Technology Transactions Practice, Financial Services and Pharmaceuticals…
Mr Szymon Balcerzak  photo Mr Szymon Balcerzak Head of Transaction Advisory and Analysis
Dr iur Michal Bedkowski-Koziol  photo Dr iur Michal Bedkowski-Koziol Partner
Ms Agnieszka Chajewska  photo Ms Agnieszka Chajewska Partner
Mr Pawel Cholewinski  photo Mr Pawel Cholewinski Partner, Head of Real Estate Practice
Ms Agnieszka Choromanska-Malicka  photo Ms Agnieszka Choromanska-Malicka Counsel
 Szymon Ciach  photo Szymon Ciach Attorney at Law, Senior Associate
Ms Dominika Durchowska  photo Ms Dominika Durchowska Advocate, Senior Associate
Ms Agata Dziwisz  photo Ms Agata Dziwisz Partner
 Piotr Galka  photo Piotr Galka Attorney at Law, Counsel
Mr Aleksander Galos  photo Mr Aleksander Galos Of Counsel
Mr Jaroslaw Grzywinski  photo Mr Jaroslaw Grzywinski Attorney at Law, Partner, Head of Capital Markets
Ms Anna Gwiazda  photo Ms Anna Gwiazda Partner
Dr Marek Jezewski  photo Dr Marek Jezewski Partner
Mr Michal König  photo Mr Michal König Partner
 Piotr Kaniewski  photo Piotr Kaniewski Advocate, Senior Associate
Mr Piotr Kochanski  photo Mr Piotr Kochanski Senior Managing Partner
Mr Daniel Kozłowski  photo Mr Daniel Kozłowski Advocate, Senior Associate
 Dr Jacek Kozikowski  photo Dr Jacek Kozikowski Counsel
Ms Monika Maćkowska-Morytz  photo Ms Monika Maćkowska-Morytz Advocate, Counsel
Dr Andrzej Malec  photo Dr Andrzej Malec Partner
Ms Karolina Marciniszyn  photo Ms Karolina Marciniszyn Partner
Mr Pawel Mardas  photo Mr Pawel Mardas Advocate, Partner, Head of M&A
Dr Joanna Ostojska-Kolodziej  photo Dr Joanna Ostojska-Kolodziej Counsel
Mr Mateusz Ostrowski  photo Mr Mateusz Ostrowski Advocate, Partner, Head of Litigation Practice
Mr Andrzej Pałys  photo Mr Andrzej Pałys Advocate, Senior Associate
Ms Magdalena Papiernik  photo Ms Magdalena Papiernik Senior Associate
Mr Karol Polosak  photo Mr Karol Polosak Counsel
Mr Rafal Rapala  photo Mr Rafal Rapala Senior Partner
Ms Sylwia Uzieblo-Kowalska  photo Ms Sylwia Uzieblo-Kowalska Advocate, Senior Associate
 Lukasz Wegrzyn  photo Lukasz Wegrzyn Partner, Head of Technology Practice
Mr Wojciech Wrochna  photo Mr Wojciech Wrochna Partner, Head of Energy, Natural Resources & Chemicals
Mr Krzysztof Zieba  photo Mr Krzysztof Zieba Partner
Number of lawyers : 100
American Bar Association
Union IP
Land Transport Chamber of Commerce
British-Polish Chamber of Commerce
Polish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce
Polish - Spanish Chamber of Commerce
Polish - German Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Other offices : Cracow

At Kochański & Partners, we believe that diversity makes us unique, hence our commitment to building a work environment based on openness and mutual respect, offering everyone equal opportunities for development. We focus on professionalism which, according to our philosophy, is not related to gender, age, origin, skin colour, religious belief or sexual orientation, but is more to do with commitment, passion and individual history. Through our workplace diversity, we support all our colleagues in their professional goals, and grow stronger together.

Piotr Kochański, Advocate


What is the stage of Polish companies’ transition to Industry 4.0?

Piotr Kochański, Advocate, founder of K&P business law firm: Industry 4.0 with its artificial intelligence and cloud computing has become the heart of Kochański & Partners (K&P) strategy. Two years ago our law firm decided to focus on such changes and we are now at an advanced stage of their implementation.

We are currently analyzing changes that are becoming more and more intense and will soon completely dominate industry and services. The term Industry 4.0 was coined by the Germans and announced at the Hannover Fair in 2011, when the German government acknowledged that the world was changing at an impressive pace and decided to appoint a team of experts to assess the effects of the changes brought about by advanced technologies. Their diagnosis was that the third industrial revolution, namely computerization, had ended. As a result, in 2014 they announced their plan for the fourth industrial revolution, which meant the digitization of manufacturing and service provision processes.

Industry 4.0 means the fusion of the physical world of production machinery with the virtual worlds of the Internet and high technology. This new economy will dominate the entire value chain. These processes will provide, on an unimaginable scale, access to any useful information, at any time, from any place, while opening up new opportunities for the production of tailor-made products and short batches, i.e. the so-called mass customization.

We, as Polish managers, should tailor our response to these changes as soon as possible. A Polish characteristic is that the service sector is more digitized than the industry, one of the reasons being the use of the Internet of Things. Studies show that 22% of Polish companies have already started to implement automation and Industry 4.0-related solutions, but to me this sounds rather optimistic.

How will Polish companies have to change due to Industry 4.0?

We should not waste time thinking that Industry 4.0 only concerns the technological competition between the USA and China and that managers from other countries need only observe the changes taking place. The Industry 4.0 revolution is happening right in front of our very eyes.

The Americans believe that the Chinese, due to their language barrier, do not understand Industry 4.0, and are already moving their manufacturing processes from China to Germany, a country more advanced in its transition to Industry 4.0. In China this process would paradoxically take more time and be more expensive.

The technologies already available theoretically allow for the automation of about 50% of professions. Companies using the highest technologies, including artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, already employ 70% less people. According to a report by McKinsey, by 2030, 75-375 million people will have to change their profession and acquire new skills. And this is an enormous challenge, also for family businesses.

Managers find themselves in a peculiar situation as they are inundated by too many choices, and are often lacking a strategic vision to define the right course of action. This is really challenging – there are endless possibilities for action, thousands of options.

What will a law firm of the future look like?

We focus on providing automated legal advice using artificial intelligence. We have our own source codes of a system enabling us to ensure data security to our clients in the context of transferring information from our digital archives according to our own protocols.

This system provides comprehensive support for business processes and enables us to share project data, manage cases and settlements, maintain a document repository, provide online and marketing services, and manage IP cases and also allows for faster action whilst cutting costs.

How do you want to use AI?

For due diligence investigations, verifying correctness and cohesion of documents, predictive analysis, expert systems and contract analysis. With predictive analysis, artificial intelligence algorithms scan historical data to determine the probability of a specific judgment being issued by the court.

Based on natural language processing and machine learning a system imitating a lawyer – expert in a specific field (expert system) can be developed and, drawing on a large amount of data received, the computer expert is able to propose solutions to a given legal problem.

Contract analysis also employs elements of solutions such as machine learning and natural language processing. What is essential here is the degree of accuracy of the legal analysis made by AI. While other solutions only made it possible to select documents in terms of their relevance to a given case, contract analysis now allows AI to work freely within document content.

I find it fascinating that the legal industry can become a market innovator.

Will customers have any concerns about the security of their data?

The threats are immense. 50% of the world economy will be attacked by hackers in the near future. It is estimated that only 25% of hacked companies will survive. Only those who can minimize the risk will win. And this also applies to law firms.

We specialize in cybersecurity. We work in interdisciplinary teams, consisting of lawyers with experience and expertise in the field of technology and security, advisors, technology analysts and implementers, coaches and lecturers from renowned universities, and we also cooperate with a company certification body (also providing ISO certification). Our goal is to increase the level of security and information flow and to enable the certification of our clients’ companies.

Moreover, we are the main legal partner of the working group at the Polish Bank Association, currently working on a set of good practices (Whitebook) towards the implementation of cloud computing solutions in the banking sector. We also provide assistance in the work of the Cloud Expert Forum at the European Banking Federation. This project will revolutionize the banking sector in Poland to an extent comparable to that of the PolishAPI.

New Infrastructure & Environment Practice Leader at Kochański & Partners

Kochański & Partners is expanding its energy and infrastructure practice with the addition of a new partner, Katarzyna Barańska Ph.D., to head up the Infrastructure & Environment team. Her extensive experience covers legal advisory on major infrastructure projects, renewable energy sources, environmental law and municipal investments. and Kochanski & Partners join forces, the provider of the most secure data center services in Europe, is joining forces with the law firm Kochanski & Partners. Their partnership offers customers further confidence that colocation and cloud implementation projects will be technologically superior and compliant with legal requirements. The cooperation is international in scope. 

Kochański & Partners Strengthen Their Tax Team

Kochański & Partners entered the new year with an expanded team. Wojciech Śliż, the former Director of the VAT Department at the Ministry of Finance, has joined the tax law practice as counsel.

Kochański & Partners named “Law firm of the year: Central Europe” by The Lawyer

It is our great pleasure to inform you that the Kochanski & Partners law firm has received the title of “Law Firm of the Year: Central Europe” in the prestigious “Lawyer Awards 2020” competition.

Kochanski & Partners strengthens the Technologies Team

To reflect the new technological ecosystem, from 1 November 2020, Kochański & Partners have consolidated their Technologies team by introducing a group of specialists: Szymon Ciach (Senior Associate), Piotr Kaniewski (Senior Associate), Piotr Gałka (Counsel), and Łukasz Węgrzyn (Partner).

Idea Bank paves the way for financial sector in obtaining cloud computing certification

Idea Bank is the first Polish financial service sector entity to obtain the ISO 27017 and ISO 27001 certifications, confirming that its cloud computing solutions meet the highest international standards, and that customer data is processed in the cloud with full respect to security standards. Kochański & Partners advised the bank throughout the certification application process.

Kochański & Partners shortlisted for the Lawyer Awards 2020

This is the eleventh edition of the Lawyer Awards already. The awards scheme attracts entries from over 120 independent law firms headquartered in Europe and global firms across the Continent. This is the highest distinction for independent law firms and the culmination of many years of hard work consistently spent on building the brand, strength and effectiveness of the Kochański & Partners law firm. The nomination constitutes an occasion to appreciate, with great satisfaction, the stage and the position currently held by the firm.

Świtalski family mansion and grounds in Sowiniec seized by Forteam Investments Ltd.

The Regional Court in Poznań granted the fourth successive injunction in favour of Forteam Investments Ltd., an investment company belonging to Delta Capital Partners Management – a U.S. private equity fund, in the pending dispute with Mariusz Świtalski. This time, all assets of Druga – Sowiniec Capital, including a mansion in Sowiniec, surrounding grounds and a polo club with horses, have been seized as a result of seizure of shares under the court decision.

Arbitral Tribunal: Slovakia’s actions against Muszynianka showed “willful disregard for the law”

On 7 October 2020, the arbitral tribunal conducting proceedings under the UNCITRAL rules issued an award in the case of our Client “Muszynianka” sp. z o.o. against the Slovak Republic. The Tribunal decided that Slovakia violated international law to the detriment of the Polish company.

Change in Leadership in the Kochański & Partners Capital Markets Practice

The Warsaw Stock Exchange attracts ever more foreign investors, with their share in WSE turnover reaching 58% in H1 2020. In response to these accelerating business trends, Kochański & Partners is reinforcing its Capital Markets Practice, with the appointment from October of Jarosław Grzywiński, Partner, former President of the WSE Management Board, as its new leader.

Kochański & Partners acting as legal counsel to Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne

Kochański & Partners has been awarded a tender for legal services to PSE S.A. – the sole Polish electricity transmission system operator. The Firm will assist PSE in addressing the formal and legal aspects of the company’s electricity infrastructure. As part of the project, Kochański & Partners lawyers will represent the client before public administration bodies, common and administrative courts, the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court, in addition to advising on preparation for and conduct of proceedings, as well as drafting of relevant legal opinions.

Another litigation win for Kochański & Partners: Onet journalist walks free from court

The District Court for Kraków-Śródmieście has discontinued criminal proceedings against an Onet journalist who wrote about paedophilia in the Tricity area (Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot). Mr Podolski was represented by advocate Mateusz Ostrowski, Partner and Head of Litigation at Kochański & Partners.

Kochański & Partners’ Litigation Success Before the Supreme Court – Royalties

Co-authors of films accompanying newspapers are entitled to additional royalties,  however only on copies actually sold, and not on the entire published run. Moreover, the amount of royalties may not be arbitrarily imposed by copyright collecting societies. This is the conclusion stemming from a judgment of the Supreme Court, which endorsed the arguments of Kochański & Partners lawyers representing our Client – Ringier Axel Springer Polska.

POLISHCLOUD ACADEMY: Cooperation with leading consulting and technology companies brings banks closer to the cloud

The Polish Bank Association, Microsoft, Google Poland, the National Cloud Operator, Accenture and Kochański & Partners have established a joint group to promote cloud computing solutions in the Polish banking sector, creating the PolishCloud Academy project, providing free training and workshops relating to cloud implementation for representatives of financial institutions.

New Kochanski & Partners business strategy and marketing team

Kochański & Partners (K&P) is implementing a new business strategy to rapidly accelerate its penetration of international markets via strategic alliances with key foreign law firms. This strategy involves a reformulation of the business model and closer, comprehensive cooperation with clients. Kochański & Partners also plans to remodel its internal structures and processes, in particular in the BDM area. This transformation process will be managed by the new Business Development & Marketing Director – Barbara Lenarcik, formerly Marketing Director at SSW Pragmatic Solutions, with two more former SSW employees joining the department: Marcin Woliński (Manager) and – from July – Paulina Berska (Specialist).

K&P acts as legal counsel on cloud computing implementation standard for banks

Kochanski & Partners is the exclusive legal partner of the working group on a standard for cloud computing implementation in banks, established by the Polish Bank Association (ZBP) and the Banking Technology Forum.

Ringier Axel Springer Poland consolidates dispute resolution services by choosing K&P

Ringier Axel Springer Poland (RASP), a part of the leading CEE multimedia Ringier Axel Springer AG group, has consolidated its dispute resolution services by choosing Kochański & Partners as its legal advisor in Poland.

K&P Authors a Report on M&A Market Structure in Poland

The K&P Transaction Advisory and Analysis team has prepared a report on the structure of the M&A market in Poland. The report presents an in-depth analysis of current trends in the M&A market and phenomena affecting its structure in the first half of 2019.

Kochański & Partners – Founder of the Anti-Fraud Association

For many years now, we have observed with great concern the growing level of economic crime and abuse affecting Polish companies. This has made us aware not only of the inherent weakness of the system, but also of the limited effectiveness of ad hoc actions, which do not significantly reduce the problem while consuming large amounts of money.

K&P has advised EPP on the acquisition of the O3 Business Campus II

Echo Polska Properties N.V. (EPP) has acquired from Echo Investment S.A. another building of the O3 Business Campus office complex in Krakow under the right of first offer (ROFO) contract. The office building, constituting the second stage of the O3 Business Campus office was valued at EUR 49.2 million.

K&P advised Davidson Kempner Capital Management on the high profile GBP 180 million financing

We advised US investment firm Davidson Kempner Capital Management on the high profile GBP 180 million financing granted to Pepkor Europe of the Steinhoff Group

K&P has advised EPP on the acquisition of King Cross Marcelin shopping centre

Kochański & Partners law firm (K&P) advises EPP on its EUR 91.1 million acquisition of King Cross Marcelin shopping centre in Poznan – EPP’s first entry into Poznan.

Kochanski & Partners advised Groupe Beneteau on the acquisition of Delphia Yachts

Kochanski & Partners (K&P) advised Groupe Beneteau (France), one of the two largest sailing and power boat manufacturers globally, on its transaction with Delphia Yachts – Poland’s leading boatbuilder. As a result of this transaction, the rights to sailing and power boat designs, and the building and marketing activities of the Delphia and Maxi Yacht brands were acquired.

Kochanski & Partners has advised Coca–Cola HBC Polska on the lease of new headquarters

Kochanski & Partners Law Firm has advised Coca-Cola HBC Polska sp. z o.o. in the negotiations and execution of a lease agreement for office and warehouse space in the Business Garden office complex in Warsaw.

K&P has successfully advised on the sale of an office building located in the centre of Warsaw

Kochański & Partners has advised an investment fund managed by the Griffin Estate Group on the sale of the office building located in the centre of Warsaw.

New opportunities for Japanese capital in Poland

Report authored by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) and Kochański & Partners Business Law Firm shows the opportunities for Japanese investors in Poland.

Kochański & Partners – special sponsor of GC Summit Central & Eastern Europe Legal500

GC Summit – Central & Eastern Europe invites the most esteemed in-house counsel from the CEE’s most prolific companies to discuss their changing roles as in-house leaders and the challenges, issues and opportunities they are facing in 2019 and beyond. Between comprehensive panel discussions and the opportunity to meet and engage with fellow in-house counsel, GC Summit – Central & Eastern Europe promises to be a practical, forward-looking event bringing together the region’s top legal minds.