Despite strong competition from more than 120 companies, with more than 250 total entries all fighting for a share of the 27 available awards,

Kochanski and Partners have again reached the finals of this year’s largest and most important ranking in the European legal market, being nominated in an resounding four categories:
European Managing Partner Of The Year, Best Transformation Initiative, Best ESG Initiative and Law Firm Of The Year: Central Europe.

Piotr Kochański shortlisted for ‘European Managing Partner Of The Year 2023’

Piotr Kochanski is no stranger to award ceremonies, having been a winner at 2 recent Lawyer galas (taking home last year’s technology nomination, and also 2020’s overall firm of the year award.) With Kochanski and Partners entering its 25th year, and as he states, being a law firm built for generations to come,  his name is very much on everyone’s lips.

As the driver behind these last two awards, it’s very likely that he is in with a strong chance to carry away the top personal prize for his innovative management skills and bold vision.

Best Transformation Initiative

It’s clear that being at the forefront of the legal market for nearly 25 years requires a tremendous amount of flexibility and responsiveness, and Kochanski and Partners have a lot to say in this area. The firm has clearly excelled despite a number of serious recent crises on the global and local markets, and is no doubt partly due to the ability to adapt to the prevailing winds and transform the firm when the situation calls for it. Adapting to a changing market requires a large extent to predict upcoming trends and changes, and it would seem that this is something that comes very naturally to Kochanski and Partners. With Piotr Kochanski developing his own in house proprietary firm management system, it’s now apparent that the firm is able to work fully online when needed, which means they are able to continue providing seamless legal services whatever the external business market. Recent firm news hints at some additional expansion beyond their headquarters address, so it’s clear we may be seeing further transformative measures beyond the Warsaw headquarters, and all these measures may help the firm secure the prestigious ‘Best Transformation Initiative’ award.

Best ESG Initiative

Kochanski and Partners are also nominated in the category of ‘Best ESG initiative’ for their sterling work in in support of Ukraine.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year, the law firm were one of the first to vocally declare active support for the struggling Ukraine, and since then have organized a number of remarkable initiatives, from raising money towards buying medical equipement and supplies, to housing refugees fleeing the war, and organizing a series of workshops and presentations for clients on business opportunities arising from investment in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

It’s clear that the firms actions stem from a firmly held notion of solidarity and the values of caring for others, and wishing to oppose oppression in all its forms.
Many of these initiatives were at the behest of the managing partner Piotr Kochanski, in cooperation with Senior Arbitration lawyer Markiyan Malskyy, a previous lawyer for notable Ukrainian firm, who with his family, fled the war shortly following the invasion. It’s clear that not many firms are as notable in the support for Ukraine as Kochanski and Partners and so it’s very clear that they are a strong contender for the ‘best ESG initiative’, truly demonstrating the values caring for the Environment, Society and Governance in a way that few others can do.

Law Firm Of The Year: Central Europe

Kochanski and Partners main value slogan is ‘Working with those who change the world for the better’ and this is at the heart of their vision for the future.

As such, they are striving to be a driver for change along the primary areas of: the energy revolution, technology, global infrastructure, ESG, cross-border finance and the data economy.

Let’s not also forget that during the rather difficult recent time in Polish government, Kochanski and Partners routinely defending journalists who saught to expose corruption at the highest levels, and have consistently put themselves on the line to do so.
Could a second win of Law Firm of the Year be up and coming? It would be no surprise looking at their recent track record.



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