Joanna Bailey, head of the banking and financial fraud litigation department, has been made Lawyer of the week in The Times newspaper as a result of the landmark case D’Aloia v. (1) Persons Unknown (2) Binance Holdings Limited & Others resulting in the service of court documents as a non-fungible token (“NFT”) through blockchain.

Vincenzo Senatore, senior partner in the London office, commented “I am delighted that Joanna has been recognised by The Times, she continually seeks and develops new strategies to assist our defrauded clients” Vincenzo further mentioned, “Joanna and her team’s new approach impacts in two ways, in that  proceedings were served by way of NFT airdrop to the two wallets that contained our client’s misappropriated cryptocurrency and also that the five cryptocurrency exchanges were recognised  as constructive trustees.”

Pursuing cryptocurrency fraudsters has been challenging as, until now, it is difficult to pin down the perpetrators and unravel our client’s cryptocurrency when it is mixed.  This latest development in the area of service of court documents will make a “real-world” difference, to the victims of cryptocurrency fraud.

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