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Giambrone is a mid-tier international law firm established in 2005; with offices in the City of London as well as in Barcelona, Glasgow, Tunisia and offices throughout Italy; we also have capacity in the Middle East and USA.

Our corporate and commercial lawyers regularly assist clients with complex litigation including cross-border dispute resolution. We have a robust litigation team with a well-deserved record of success. In all instances, our lawyers always attempt to resolve disputes with mediation in an attempt to mitigate the costs and risks of a court action.  Our lawyers also deal with non-contentious commercial transactions such as mergers & acquisitions, business re-location, banking & finance as well as employment law, intellectual property disputes.  We have a criminal defence team which assists with a wide range of issues including assault, drugs offences, cyber-crime, traffic offences, sexual assault and white-collar crime.

The scope of services Giambrone’s experienced lawyers can provide to private clients ranges from complicated divorce cases including the sensitive issues surrounding children, such as financial arrangements, residency and child abduction.  We also can assist with contentious disputes concerning inheritance matters, as well as assisting with overseas real estate, including tax and wealth management, immigration and also personal injury from catastrophic injuries involving expert witnesses to traffic accidents and incidents abroad relating to negligence in hotels, cruise ships and other organisations.

Giambrone is committed to excellence and actively practices inclusion of all sectors believing that a workforce composed of a broad range of nationalities, age groups and sectors will not only deliver additional expertise, knowledge and understanding relevant to the wide range of clients that the firm assists but also enhances its continuing success. Giambrone strongly believes that no individual should be regarded differently due to race, gender, sexuality, disability, age or beliefs.

Head of European Litigation and Global Managing Partner Gabriele (0) 207 183 9482
Corporate and Commercial, Criminal Defence Vincenzo (0) 207 183 9482
Commercial and Financial Services Litigation Joanna (0) 207 183 9482
Employment Daniel (0) 207 183 9482
Olu Ajasa photoMr Olu AjasaOlu Ajasa is a partner in the London office. Olu has extensive…
Khizar Arif photo Khizar ArifPartner
Joanna Bailey photo Joanna BaileyAssociate
Alessandra Bellanca photo Alessandra BellancaDirector of SARL
Demetri Bezaintes photo Demetri BezaintesJunior Associate
Giorgio Bianco photo Giorgio BiancoGiorgio Bianco is a Resident Partner and Head of Sardinian and Tunisian offices.
Gonzalo Butori photo Gonzalo ButoriPartner
Graziano Cecchetti photo Graziano CecchettiPartner
Sergio Filonenko Kibu photoMr Sergio Filonenko KibuSergio Filonenko Kibu is an associate Sergio Filonenko Kibu is an Abogado…
Gabriele Giambrone photo Gabriele GiambroneGlobal Managing Partner, Head of European Litigation and Dispute Resolution team
Valentina Giarrusso photoMrs Valentina GiarrussoValentina Giarrusso is Of Counsel in the London office. Valentina graduated in…
Zahir  Iqbal photoMr Zahir IqbalZahir Iqbal is a senior associate in the London office Zahir has…
George Lake photoMr George LakeGeorge Lake, is Of Counsel, in the London office. George is an…
Ajit  Mishra photoMr Ajit MishraAjit Mishra, a partner in the London office. Ajit is a dual-qualified…
Vincenzo Senatore photo Vincenzo SenatorePartner
Daniel Theron photo Daniel TheronPartner, Head of LGBT division
Simon  Vumbaca photoMr Simon VumbacaSimon has over 25 years of experience with company commercial matters including…

Giambrone has a proactive culture of inclusion, believing that a workforce composed of a broad range of nationalities, age groups and our strong LGBT division will deliver not only expertise but associate knowledge relevant to a wide range of clients. Giambrone & Partners champions diversity and fervently believes that no individual should be regarded less well due to race, gender, sexuality, disability, age or beliefs. We aim to ensure that employees, clients, suppliers and visitors are treated equally and with respect at all times. We are determined to actively include employees from all sectors of society without prejudice and opportunities are offered to all staff for advancement and improvement. We have an outsource HR facility available to all staff for them to approach in confidence, if required, to assist them with any issues or to provide clarity.

There is an active policy of accommodating distance working and flexible hours. We encourage training, personal development and work life balance to make the working environment as trouble-free as possible. The firm is open to additional accommodations following maternity leave, allowing new parents to remain in contact with their new born whilst working flexible hours. We have engaged with a professional training programme, CLT. We actively encourage trainees to be involved in large complex projects to expand their experience by learning from and drawing on the knowledge of their colleagues, believing that if trainees are involved with significant cases from the onset they will gain confidence when faced with high-value complex cases in the future.

Diversity is a key feature of the firm and we believe that a culture of inclusion is an effective and beneficial feature of the firm both for our clients and our staff.

CLIENT: Claudio Costagliola
TESTIMONIAL: Giambrone is undoubtedly a highly qualified professional law firm, very knowledgeable in both the UK and European laws and I strongly recommend them to anyone dealing with complicated legal cases; the lawyers involved with the case were of a very high calibre with an exceptional attention to the details but they also managed the case with transparency and a logical/structured approach, important when dealing with long expensive cases. I liked their personal touch. If you are looking for professionalism, knowledge of legislation (UK and European), this is the legal firm for you. I consider myself lucky to have found them.

CLIENT: Andrea Di Risio
TESTIMONIAL: Giambrone is a highly qualified professional law firm. I was able to make contact with this study during the practice of equivalence of my PhD. In fact, to obtain recognition of my educational qualifications in Italy I encountered several difficulties and a lack of information on the procedure to follow. However, once I made contact with the Giambrone law firm I was followed in every single step and informed about all the obligations to be carried out. In particular, I was able to relate to the lawyer Senatore, a competent, professional and always available person. The answer to my every doubt or perplexity on the part of the lawyer has always been fast and exhaustive and the whole bureaucratic process has been completed very quickly. I can only be satisfied and recommend the Giambrone law firm to anyone in need.

CLIENT: Michael Tenitsky
TESTIMONIAL: We wanted to thank the Giambrone team and Alessandro Gravante personally, who provided a great service and helped to recover debt in quite a complex litigation involving a debtor in Italy. Alessandro was instrumental in proposing the overall strategy, negotiating the repayment terms and preparing the settlement documentation with the debtor. The debt was settled amicably, we managed to avoid prolonged litigation and were able to collect the debt in a timely and cost efficient manner.

CLIENT: Gerald McCabe
TESTIMONIAL: I was struggling to find a firm of solicitors to pursue a matter in Italy; UK firms I had been pointed to by my travel insurance company and other sources contacted indicated that without a presence in that EU country they could not assist. I then pursued an internet search for firms that could help in Italy and was directed to Giambrone; from the point of initial contact outlining the matter I needed resolved through to the subsequent satisfactory conclusion of the matter the professional and attentive response of this organisation has been exemplary. I would strongly recommend

CLIENT: Jane Cristiano
TESTIMONIAL: I was delighted with the services of Giambrone, which I consider far exceeded the norm. Every staff member I dealt with was helpful, good humoured and efficient. Dealing mainly with Elze Obrikyte, and frequently advised by Giandomenico Murro, I found their services professional and efficient. I was informed at every stage with full explanations as to next steps and procedures which proved very reassuring. Such was the level of assistance that Mr Murro personally to ensured I had all I needed. I have recommended Giambrone’s services to friends and colleagues and would not hesitate to do so again.Thank you Giambrone

Joanna Bailey, Head of banking and financial fraud litigation department

Joanna Bailey has driven and developed the banking and financial fraud litigation department finding ever more agile strategies to assist in the restoration of her defrauded clients funds.

What do you see as the main points that differentiate Giambrone & Partners from your competitors?

Financial fraud is a global phenomenon and Giambrone & Partners’ exception multi-jurisdictional capacity considerably assists in pursuing and restoring our clients’ money. We have the capacity under one roof to deal with multiple jurisdictions.

Which practices do you see growing in the next 12 months? What are the drivers behind that?

There is no doubt that the banking and financial fraud department will continue to expand, especially after the firm’s recent success in delivering court papers as an NFT through blockchain to persons unknown. The fact that the court sanctioned this method of service provides the victims of crypto fraud with some hope that they may see their money returned to them. Our European real estate departments in our offices in Italy Spain Portugal and France will almost certainly see expansion. The shipping and catastrophic Injury practices will also expand particularly as the geopolitical landscape has become considerably more volatile .

What’s the main change you’ve made in the firm that will benefit clients?

My constant and frequently successful search to find a counter strategy to financial fraud that will restore my clients’ funds which has significantly raised the firm’s reputation in this field.

Is technology changing the way you interact with your clients, and the services you can provide them?

Technology will considerably assist in the pursuit of the perpetrators of fraud, in addition to providing a faster more efficient service with an undeniable record of the actions taken.

Can you give us a practical example of how you have helped a client to add value to their business?

Business men and women are frequently targeted in financial frauds including romance fraud, a particularly unpleasant type of fraud. By regaining the defrauded funds for a business client most definitely adds value to their business.

Are clients looking for stability and strategic direction from their law firms – where do you see the firm in three year’s time?

In the fast paced global markets business clients are looking to preferred and trusted advisors to keep them informed and advised. Giambrone & Partners is undergoing an expansion programme aimed at providing legal advice in the worldwide markets that our clients wish to trade in. In recognition of this our lateral hires will be qualified in more than one jurisdiction and be capable of speaking more than one language. The firm will almost certainly have doubled in size and have attracted exception expertise.

Giambrone & Partners successfully defended a Commercial client in a €1 million damages case

Giambrone & Partners’ cross-border litigation lawyers, led by Gonzalo Butori, a partner in the London office and Angel Moncada a partner in the Madrid office, have successfully defended a complex multi-jurisdictional matter. 

New path for recovery of assets in Cryptocurrency fraud

Investment fraud has become the scourge of the modern world with multiple regulators and other agencies pointing to the inextricable rise of financial fraud, which is now the leading crime in the United Kingdom. Fraudsters are adaptable and agile and quick to recognise a potential vehicle for fraud and therefore cryptocurrency frauds have risen to £146 million ($200 million) in the UK in 2021, according to the City of London Police.

Joanna Bailey head of banking and financial fraud litigation department is Lawyer of the Week in The Times

Joanna Bailey, head of the banking and financial fraud litigation department, has been made Lawyer of the week in The Times newspaper as a result of the landmark case D’Aloia v. (1) Persons Unknown (2) Binance Holdings Limited & Others resulting in the service of court documents as a non-fungible token (“NFT”) through blockchain.

Giambrone & Partners’ banking and financial fraud lawyers recover £25,000 for defrauded clients through a Watchdog

The latest report from Victim’s Commissioner states over 4.6 million individuals are subject to fraud every year.  Many of whom will suffer significant life-altering losses that they cannot recover from.  

Class action against AlgoBanque

Giambrone's Financial Services Litigation team is now working in conjunction with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority to expose AlgoBanque which falsely claimed to have an office in Switzerland on its website.