Focus on: Tax in Mexico

Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa

Doing business in As a result of the change of administration, several factors have led the Mexican tax authorities to exercise a pressure never seen before on captive taxpayers and, thus, attempt to collect the largest possible amount of tax funds. In many of these cases, such collection could imply violations of the fundamental rights of taxpayers which, … View Firm Profile

Focus on: IP in Mexico

Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa

Doing business in Mexico has pushed towards an effective national legal system for the protection of intangible rights and, through the years, has adapted its legislation to the international treaties that govern intellectual property worldwide and regionally. The proximity and close commercial relationship with the United States and other commercial partners, has caused the Mexican government to reformulate … View Firm Profile


Raposo Bernardo

Doing business in At a time where the Programa de Recuperação e Resiliência (Recovery and Resilience Program) the nationally applicable program designed by the Government in order to address the reforms and investments aimed at restoring sustained economic growth and supporting the goal of convergence with Europe over the next decade is giving its first steps; at a … View Firm Profile

Focus on: Dispute Resolution in Qatar

Hamad Al Yafei Law Firm

Doing business in Here, you will find focused information and practical guidance on the legal regime and market of dispute resolution in Qatar. Firstly, this article will provide a general overview of the legal system and courts in Qatar. Then, the article will guide the reader through the legal framework and the market of litigation, arbitration and mediation … View Firm Profile

Focus on: IP in Israel

Ehrlich Group

Doing business in Although it is barely the size of New Jersey, Israel is considered a major player in substantial key industries such as hi-tech, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, industrial manufacturing, and more. The young country of Israel is highly developed in terms of life expectancy, education, income per capita, and other human development index indicators. Bloomberg’s innovation index ranks … View Firm Profile

Focus on: The Influence of the Three-Circle Model of the Family Business System in Today’s Wealth Management in Mexico

Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa

Doing business in Prior to 1978, family business consultants, advisors, and lawyers in Mexico and worldwide, counseled family-owned businesses by analyzing the targeted family and their business as two overlapping systems. Their conclusions brought to the family would often lead to disappointment since family needs would not always align with business needs and, reciprocally, business demands implied taking … View Firm Profile


Inal Law Office

Doing business in The rules and procedures for ship arrest in Turkey are specified under the Turkish Commercial Code no. 6102 (“TCC”) and the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Code no. 2004 (“EBC”) (The general rules of the EBC apply to the enforcement of ship arrest unless otherwise stated in the TCC.) This memo has been prepared to explain the … View Firm Profile


Moroglu Arseven

Doing business in Corruption has no specific definition under Turkish law. Corruption comprises specific crimes such as embezzlement, malversation, bribery, misconduct, bid-rigging and manipulation of tender contracts, money laundering, fraud, fraudulent bankruptcy, insider trading, terrorism financing and forgery. Turkey is a party to the following conventions: the United Nations Convention against Corruption, ratified in 2006; the United Nations … View Firm Profile


Moroglu Arseven

Doing business in Banking and payment systems are heavily regulated in Turkish Law. Banking Law No. 5411 (“Banking Law”) is the main legal document that regulates banking sector; and, the payment systems are regulated by Law on Payment and Securities Settlement Systems, Payment Services and Electronic Money Institutions (“Payment Law”), with their secondary legislation. Under the Payment Law, … View Firm Profile

Focus on: ESG Due diligence in M&A Transactions

Raposo Bernardo

Doing business in ESG factors Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are increasingly considered in M&A decision-making and strategy, as investors use ESG criteria to assess risks and to identify value creation opportunities. ESG has clearly become a trend in an international context. While not a new phenomenon, ESG issues are becoming more prominent and influential in decision … View Firm Profile

Focus on: Insurance Law

Yavuz & Uyanik

Doing business in REINSURANCE CONTRACTS AND PRINCIPLES ON REINSURANCE CONTRACTS WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF TURKISH PRIVATE INSURANCE LAW PART ONE OVERVIEW OF INSURANCE LAW Insurance law, which examines the whole of the relationship of insurance between the parties and the legal rules governing the activities of entities engaged in insurance, within a system, is divided into two main … View Firm Profile

Doing Business In: Uganda

Ortus Advocates

Doing business in Strategically located in the heart of Sub-Saharan Africa, bordered by South Sudan in the north, Kenya in the east, the United Republic of Tanzania in the south, Rwanda in the southwest and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west, Uganda enjoys a strategic position for regional trade and investment through its capital Kampala and … View Firm Profile