Doing business in Modern technology is evolving at an exponential pace, based on Artificial Intelligence (hereafter, “AI”) and data-driven solutions. AI occupies a significant space in technological advances, several applications for machine learning and computer vision algorithms that continue to grow. While recognising AI and machine learning applications are the way forward into the future, it is also … View Firm Profile

Focus on: REMOTE WORK AND RIGHT TO DISCONNECT IN PORTUGAL: New Challenges and Opportunities


Doing business in According to EUROSTAT, more people started to work from home following the introduction of the social distancing measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, 12% of employed people aged 20-64 in the EU usually worked from home, while this share had remained constant at around 5 or 6% over the past decade. Around … View Firm Profile


FIZ advocaten B.V.

Doing business in The Netherlands have a traditionally strong residential mortgage loan securitisation market. The total amount outstanding of Dutch securitisations in 2020 was EUR 40.6 billion. In total EUR 5.9 billion of securitisations was sold to investors in 2020 via Dutch special purpose vehicles: EUR 2.8 billion are residential mortgages, EUR 1.4 billion buy-to-let mortgages and EUR … View Firm Profile

Doing Business In: Algeria

Loucif + Co

Doing business in Algeria is the leading natural gas producer in Africa and the second-largest natural gas supplier to Europe outside of the region. With a territory of 2.4 million km² and a dynamic demography (+900,000 inhabitants/year, 44 million inhabitants on 1 January 2020), Algeria has the 4th largest GDP on the African continent (144 billion USD in … View Firm Profile

Focus on: How to protect your trademarks in Turkey

Kenaroglu Avukatlik Burosu

Doing business in Turkey, due to its bridge position between Asia and Europe, is one of the countries that global companies should attach absolute importance to brand protection. Trademark law in Turkey is regulated under new Industrial Property Code numbered 6769 (IP Code) which entered into force on January 10, 2017 and superseded the Decree Law numbered 556. … View Firm Profile

Focus on: The Unified Patent Jurisdiction and the Unitary Patent finally in the Starting Blocks!

Beau de Loménie

Doing business in The possibility of obtaining a European patent with unitary effect and of a single court having jurisdiction to deal with disputes over infringement and validity of European patents is close. Major changes to patent protection for inventions in Europe and patent litigation are likely to take place at the end of 2022, or early 2023. … View Firm Profile

Focus on: Hydrogen: present challenges of the energy source of the future


Doing business in Energy transition will be a significant part of climate action for the next decades, and a fundamental instrument for developed economies – which have mostly committed to carbon neutrality at or around 2050 – to achieve their goals and commitments towards a more sustainable future. It poses significant technical, regulatory, financial, and legislative challenges yet … View Firm Profile

Doing Business In: Montenegro

Law Office Vujacic

Doing business in Beautiful place, with a high mountain covered by snow and ice, with a long river, and beautiful beaches, a lot of sources of energy, Montenegro is a good place to merge nice and useful. Montenegro offers a lot of possibilities for business development. Population: 622,373 (2017 midyear est.) Area: 14.000 km2 Government: is an independent … View Firm Profile

Focus on: One Year Before the Presidential Elections Review & Perspectives

Bredin Prat

Doing business in French employment law often has the reputation of being a strict, rigid set of rules providing a high level of protection to employees. Yet, in the past few years, and in particular since 2017 under President Macron, employment law in France has undergone a certain number of changes, brought by various governmental reforms which aimed … View Firm Profile

Focus on: The Post Pandemic M&A Market in Brazil

Finocchio & Ustra Sociedade de Advogados

Doing business in The pandemic caused by the coronavirus has brought several impacts to the national and global market. Some reports were recently published pointing out the number of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transaction in Brazil between the beginning of the pandemic and the months that followed. According to such studies, if we compare the number of M&A … View Firm Profile