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Commercial, corporate and M&A Tier 3

CasePro has a core focus on the IT and tech sectors. The firm has advised SumUp, a producer of mobile payment processing software and hardware, since its inception, having guided it through several rounds of funding and subsequent global expansion. Other work for tech companies include assisting with corporate restructurings, market entry, M&A deals, and capital increases. The group has also been retained to manage capital increases and the acquisition of receivables for the State Consolidation Company, a government-owned SPV which owns shares in companies whose activities have national security and strategic aspects.

Practice head(s):

Damyana Lazarova; Boyan Lazarov


‘I am very happy with the quality, attentiveness and responsiveness of the services provided by CasePro. I find the team to be very knowledgeable on business law matters as they came up, and true experts in corporate and commercial issues.’

‘What I value most is the flexibility, pro-activity and the eagerness of the team to provide various and complex legal services.’

‘CasePro team has advised my company mainly on commercial, corporate and employment matters and I can confirm that I continuously receive an outstanding level of service from their professionals.’

‘CasePro has a team of legal advisors with a rare combination – they consistently exhibit great skill and knowledge with a friendly, direct approach that is refreshing.’

Key clients


WHG Services (Bulgaria) Limited EOOD


SumUp Holdings Luxembourg S.a.r.l

SumUp Services GmbH

Taulia Bulgaria EOOD

Paysafe Bulgaria EOOD

Lufthansa Technik Sofia OOD

GrEco Bulgaria EOOD

Scale Focus AD

Breaktime AD

Rhythm Engineering – Bulgaria EOOD

Upnetix EAD

HelpKarma Foundation

MariaDB Bulgaria EOOD

Intertainment Services Jsco

Astrea Staffing

Foris Europe EOOD

Enco Vending OOD

Melexis Bulgaria EOOD

Milestone Systems Bulgaria EOOD

Tide Platform Ltd – Bulgaria Branch

Leviter OOD

Effie and Philip OOD

Koleff and Partners

Astea Solutions AD

Debitoor Holdings Limited S.a.r.l

State Consolidation Company JSC


Hilltop Recruiting

Tamarind Properties OOD


Direct Credit Bulgaria EOOD

WWF-World Wide Fund for Nature, Danube- Carpathian Program Bulgaria

Trust for Social Achievement Foundation


New Power OOD


Alboran Continental Properties Limited

Kapok Ltd.

Pure Energy Ventures Limited

Martindale Holdings Ltd.

Tangerine Ltd.

Quanterall OOD

Real estate and construction Tier 3

The real estate and construction team at CasePro negotiate long-term commercial leases, advise on real estate acquisitions for office space, and facilitate the granting of construction permits and licences. CasePro have acted for SumUp and Scale Focus in securing high-tech office spaces in both Sofia and Plovdiv, via long-term lease agreements and acquisition of existing buildings. The firm has experience with the fast food sector, and has negotiated several lease and servicing agreements for Bulgarian Burger, who are establishing new locations throughout the country. Spartak Yovchev leads the team.

Practice head(s):

Spartak Yovchev


‘CasePro has gathered a talented and devoted team of experts with excellent communication skills and outstanding legal knowledge.’

‘When challenged with a unique problem and a tight time frame they go above and beyond to deliver what is asked.’

‘I know the CasePro team as extremely competent, highly ethical, and very knowledgeable, especially in Real Estate & Construction law.’

‘Communication is proactive, the real estate team is always accessible, and their work lives up to their exceptional reputation.’

Key clients

Litexco Bulgaria EOOD

Bulgarian Burger EOOD

Property Club Bulgaria OOD

Lufthansa Technik Sofia OOD


River Burger EOOD

Quanterall OOD

State Consolidation Company

Rhythm Engineering – Bulgaria EOOD

Scale Focus AD

Milestone Systems Bulgaria EOOD

SumUp GmbH

SumUp Holdings Luxembourg S.a.r.l

Pure Energy Ventures Limited


Tamarind Properties OOD

SumUp EU Payments

Velburger EOOD

Varburger EOOD

Haskburger EOOD

Bulgarian Burger Cinemas EOOD

Property Club Project 1 EOOD

Property Club Project 2

Property Club Project 3

Upnetix EAD

The firm: CasePro was founded in 2011 by four partners as a boutique corporate law firm specialising in commercial law and financial transactions. Since then, the firm has grown significantly in both size and practice areas to become a leading full-service legal provider.

The firm is proud to be comprised of dependable and ethical lawyers who are experts in their fields and CasePro has always focused on its investment in talented professionals. The CasePro team strives to maintain the highest level of know-how and understanding of its clients’ business sectors and distinguishes itself by a balanced assessment of the legal risks and application of the most relevant legal solutions.

During recent years the firm gained considerable experience in a number of debt and equity investment transactions and became a trusted legal partner of venture capital funds and recognisable international companies from the financial and technology sector.

The team is committed to maintaining the highest level of professional expertise by keeping up with the latest business trends. CasePro specialists are often invited by business organisations and education institutions to speak about various legislative challenges faced by the outsourcing sector, as well as start-ups in Bulgaria.

CasePro and its lawyers are members of a number of sectoral and business organisations and networks, among which are the International Bar Association (IBA), the German-Bulgarian Industrial-Commercial Chamber, the Bulgarian Industrial Association and the Bulgarian Association of Asset Management Companies (BAMMC).

Areas of practice: CasePro is an innovative and dynamic full-service law firm. The firm has established its excellent national reputation in areas such as M&A, banking and non-banking financial transactions, real estate and labour law. CasePro is also recognised by companies from the outsourcing, fin-tech and IT industries.

CasePro was selected as a legal partner of choice for some of the biggest venture capital funds operating in Bulgaria and advised more than 40 financing transactions that were successfully closed in the past two years. The firm also consulted during a series of financing rounds organised by the leading European mPOS provider SumUp and its recent merger with one of its biggest competitors.

The firm has extensive experience in M&A transactions and corporate restructuring and has assisted with a number of cross-border mergers and group reorganisations. CasePro’s complex support involved the execution of transfer of assets, including IP rights, as well as adjustment of the corporate structure and constitutional documents of existing holding companies from common law jurisdictions to the requirements of the continental legal system.

During the past year it has played a significant role in several big real estate projects such as the construction of a luxury residential complex in Sofia, the development of an additional maintenance production capacity facility (including new type of aircraft maintenance services) and office spaces for an international client. CasePro’s support also covers all legal aspects of the financing of the projects.

Being the trusted legal partner of numerous companies of more than 500+ personnel, the team specialises in complex labour-related matters, including structuring of collective employment agreements, management/employees option pools and plans.

Department Name Email Telephone
M&A/commercial, real estate and construction Damyana Lazarova
M&A/commercial, real estate and construction Spartak Yovchev
Corporate and capital markets Boyan Lazarov
Corporate and capital markets Spartak Yovchev
Banking and finance Spartak Yovchev
Banking and finance Margarita Tomova
Labour Boyan Lazarov
Labour Nikolay Georgiev
Intellectual property Damyana Lazarova
Intellectual property Silvia Stoyanova
International commercial arbitration Boyan Lazarov
Litigation and arbitration Alexander Andonov
Litigation and arbitration Damyana Lazarova
Immigration Alexandra Sheyretova
Immigration Radost Doycheva
Liquidation and insolvency Boyan Lazarov
Liquidation and insolvency Alexander Andonov
Mobile payments Damyana Lazarova
Mobile payments Radost Doycheva
Antitrust and competition Margarita Tomova
Antitrust and competition Alexander Andonov
Regulatory and compliance Boyan Lazarov
Regulatory and compliance Boyan Dombalov
Public procurement Spartak Yovchev
IT Damyana Lazarova
IT Nikolay Georgiev
Data protection Margarita Tomova
Data protection Silvia Stoyanova
Enforcement and execution procedures Alexander Andonov
Marketing and consumer behaviour Boyan Lazarov
Photo Name Position Profile
Mr Dobromir Angelov  photo Mr Dobromir Angelov
Adv Boyan Dombalov  photo Adv Boyan Dombalov
Miss Radost Doycheva  photo Miss Radost Doycheva
Mr Nikolay Georgiev  photo Mr Nikolay Georgiev
Adv Plamena Krasteva  photo Adv Plamena Krasteva
Mr Boyan Lazarov photo Mr Boyan Lazarov marketing manager
Adv Damyana Lazarova  photo Adv Damyana Lazarova
Miss Tonya Peneva  photo Miss Tonya Peneva
Miss Alexandra Sheyretova  photo Miss Alexandra Sheyretova
Adv Silvia Stoyanova  photo Adv Silvia Stoyanova
Adv Margarita Tomova  photo Adv Margarita Tomova
Mrs Devora Vasileva  photo Mrs Devora Vasileva
Mr Bruce Whitfield  photo Mr Bruce Whitfield
Mr Spartak Yovchev  photo Mr Spartak Yovchev
Miss Zhaneta Zhelyazkova  photo Miss Zhaneta Zhelyazkova
Number of lawyers : 16

CLIENT: Teodora Bobcheva
TESTIMONIAL: “What I value the most in my work with CasePro is the flexibility and absolute dedication of the team to any minor or serious work that needs to be done. CasePro lawyers are really trustworthy, are doing a great job and are totally focused to chase their client’s best interests.”

CLIENT: Nikolay Gorchilov
COMPANY/FIRM: Intertainment Services JSCo
TESTIMONIAL: “I believe that the biggest advantage of CasePro is that their team makes clients feel comfortable with any task, regardless of the complexity and this adds confidence into one’s business decisions and operations. The strong partner-level attention to each detail makes a difference compared to the service offered by other reputable law firms.”

CLIENT: Todor Popov
TESTIMONIAL: “I have been working with CasePro for a number of years as the team has excellent skills in the IT area, particularly as they relate to IP transactions and protection. When challenged with a unique problem and a tight time frame they go above and beyond to deliver what is asked. In addition, CasePro lawyers possess a deep understanding of emerging fintech issues.”

CLIENT: Alexander Terziyski
TESTIMONIAL: “I really enjoy the excellent legal background of the legal advisors from CasePo in the field of private equity/venture capital. I have always been satisfied with the work that CasePro has rendered, as its team members are very responsive and easy to work with, deeply devoted to any task assigned and they certainly have an eye for detail.”

CLIENT: Hristina Kuncheva
COMPANY/FIRM: Enco Vending
TESTIMONIAL: “What I value most is the flexibility, pro-activity and the eagerness of the team to provide various and complex legal services. I highly appreciate the responsibility and solid expertise of the CasePro lawyers who are very motivated and focused on achieving practical and timely solutions for each separate case.

CLIENT: Eftim Eftimov
COMPANY/FIRM: Property Club
TESTIMONIAL: “For the past years Property Cub has been relying on CasePro competent legal assistance in its day-to-day business activity, as well as in the preparation and execution of some of its largest and key real estate projects on the Bulgarian market. CasePro team has proven they are fully competent to provide services in various fields of operations. For me CasePro is an indispensable legal advisor, as the work of their prominent team has always brought strong value to our company and I personally highly appreciate their immutable help.”