On November 24, 2016, the VEGAS LEX law firm,
with the participation of FAS Russia, organized a workshop on the legal
regulation and dispute resolution practice in the field of water management,
water supply, sewerage and wastewater discharge.

On November 24, 2016, the VEGAS LEX law firm hosted a workshop, Water
use and wastewater discharge: disputes and regulatory issues
*, with the
participation of FAS Russia expert, for representatives of large industrial
companies, water suppliers and water utilities.

Head of FAS Russia Department dealing with complaints, pre-trial
settlement of tariff disputes and disagreements in the housing sector and rail
transport Ivan Kukushkin spoke about the problems of recording the costs
associated with the negative impact of the regulated sewerage activities on the

VEGAS LEX Energy practice experts also spoke at the event, including
Senior Associate Nikolay Linchenko and Counsel Yuriy Tatarinov. Partner, Head of Energy practice Evgeniy Rodin moderated the discussion.

The experts discussed the problems of water use (contracts, payment for the
use of water bodies), wastewater discharges (environmental impact standards, standards
of quality, pollution taxes) and damage to water bodies (payment for the damage,
judicial and environmental impact assessment). The lawyers analyzed the
practice of dispute resolution in water management, water supply, sewerage and
wastewater discharge and talked about the standards of sewerage and permissible
discharge, and the current judicial practice of collecting penalties for discharge
of wastewater and pollutants.


* The
Russian Guild of Managers and Developers, PravoTEK group and the ezh-Yurist
newspaper provided information support for the event.

more information on VEGAS LEX’s services to the energy sector, please gohere.

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