Israeli Conference

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The Cypriot law firm Stelios Americanos & Co LLC organized on 17
February 2020 its first international conference for the year in Tel Aviv in

The conference provided a first-hand opportunity to the participants to explore the
current regulatory and tax framework in both Cyprus and Greece as regards
business, real estate and tourism.

More than 100 participants, including lawyers, investors, executive directors and
financial officers, ascertained the growing developments that take place in
both countries, which render Cyprus and Greece among the top business and
investment destinations for Israelis.

By utilizing its extensive legal and tax advisory experience in those
sectors, Stelios Americanos & Co LLC offered a holistic
view to the participants of the key advantages and benefits of Cyprus and
Greece. All speakers addressed the importance of the regulatory stability, in
conditions of persistent economic growth, while directors and representatives
of some of the most prestigious Israeli corporations shared their experience
having already invested in both countries.