Elias Neocleous & Co LLC (ENC) and W11 Ventures (www.w11.ventures) are pleased to announce that they have entered into a powerful partnership to deliver strategic,multi-functional seed to scale advisory services to industry and investors from across the globe. This partnership combines ENC’s multidisciplinary legal expertise and tech-driven approach to solving complex legal challenges with W11’s world-class experience in business innovation strategy, groundbreaking technologies, governance, translational R&D, and investments.

As new technology and AI advancements continue to radically shape the business landscape, companies recognize the need for strategic guidance and support to facilitate sustainable future-ready development and external growth, scale capabilities, increase competitiveness and efficiency, and enhance market position, be this at seed, startup, or scaling level.

The ENC-W11 partnership brings together extensive skills in all areas of legal practice, technology transfer, public policy, digital design, commercialization, startup support, growth acceleration, capital raising, investment readiness, and change management to make it easier to match international industry stakeholders to startups and innovative companies, and to help businesses become agile, evolve, and adapt to a comprehensive digital tomorrow.

“Partnering with W11 offers a unique collaborative approach to placing our clients on the best path for success in an increasingly digitalized business domain”, says Elias Neocleous, Managing Partner of ENC. “Building on the same energy, values and vision, this next-generation partnership will support new and existing ENC clients across verticals on their growth journey; helping them scale through leading technology products and capabilities, as well as new lines of business and investment opportunities; and boost their competitiveness; to achieve breakthrough results.”

“The ENC-W11 partnership aims to serve as a high value connector of corporates with the tech and innovation ecosystem, to scale startups and companies across sectors, and to accelerate end-to-end growth for clients worldwide. The complimentary nature of our joint expertise and single combined service will help clients acquire investments to reach their business goals, scale more efficiently and enhance their market share and valuation”, says Dr. Nikolas P. Mastroyiannopoulos, Founding Managing Partner of W11 Ventures.


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