E+H Rechtsanwälte GmbH successfully advised Burgenland Energie on its strategic entry into the SOLAH Group. BE Solution GmbH, a subsidiary of Burgenland Energie,has acquired a significant minority stake of over 25% in SOLAH Group. The transaction has already received clearance from the Federal Competition Authority.

The SOLAH Group is a pioneer in the field of sustainable energy solutions. It designs and implements photovoltaic systems for private and business customers in Austria. The operating subsidiaries of the SOLAH Group offer comprehensive services ranging from consulting and planning to the installation of PV systems, which are mainly installed on roofs. Burgenland Energie’s investment in SOLAH Group is a significant step forward for both companies. The combined expertise will not only strengthen the market position of SOLAH Group, but also promote innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy.

“E+H is pleased to have supported Burgenland Energie in its successful entry into the SOLAH Group. This participation underlines the continuous expansion of the renewable energy sector and the importance of sustainable partnerships for a green future,” says Johannes Feilmair.

“The successful partnership between Burgenland Energie and SOLAH Group will not only strengthen the position of both companies in the field of sustainable energy solutions, but also make a decisive contribution to the promotion of renewable energies. In this sense, many thanks to E+H for the
successful cooperation,” added Alexander Pultz, Managing Director of BE Solution GmbH.


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