DORDA IP/IT and data protection experts Axel Anderl, Nino Tlapak and Alona Klammer supported Lernsieg Mobile Media GmbH in the relaunch of the mobile app “Lernsieg”, which was previously taken offline after a short time following massive counter-campaigns in autumn 2019.

Vienna, 2 April 2020 – DORDA has comprehensively assisted Lernsieg Mobile Media GmbH with advice on data protection issues relating to the admissibility and relaunch of the “Lernsieg” app. In autumn 2019 the app was taken offline after only three days due to massive counter-campaigns. As a result of the media coverage, the Austrian Data Protection Authority initiated an official examination to determine the admissibility of the application under data protection law.

DORDA Managing Partner and Head of IP/IT/Data Protection as well as the firm’s Digital Industries Group Axel Anderl, attorney at law Nino Tlapak and associate Alona Klammer (both also IP/IT/Data Protection as well as Digital Industries Group) have successfully supported Lernsieg not only by dealing with the numerous requests for information and deletion by teachers but also in the proceedings before the authority: After a comprehensive examination, the Austrian Data Protection Authority confirmed the data processing by the app to be legitimate and therefore closed the proceedings without imposing any restrictions. Since the lawfulness of the data processings has always been a main concern of Lernsieg, this positive decision was an essential condition for the relaunch of the app. With over 300,000 downloads, it has now dominated the app store charts in recent weeks: “Lernsieg” is not only number 1 among the educational apps in the Austrian Apple App Store, but is also in the top 10 of the free apps in the Apple and Google Play Store. During the COVID crisis, the app is currently also offering free tutoring for students.
“Our Digital Industries Group is specialised on legally enabling innovative digital solutions and business cases. We are pleased that we were able to settle the data protection issues surrounding ‘Lernsieg’ and to make the app’s relaunch possible. This is a showcase of our respective experience and expertise” says Axel Anderl about the successful assistance. “The app leads to more transparency in the school system and rewards the dedicated teachers and schools who receive corresponding positive feedback. This is a motivation for all the hard-working educational staff and will contribute to an increase in quality in schools – on a sound data protection basis.”

About Lernsieg Mobile Media GmbH
Lernsieg Mobile Media GmbH operates the mobile app “Lernsieg”. The app offers students the opportunity to evaluate their school and teachers according to objective criteria.

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