Cyprus An Emerging Eu Fund Jurisdiction

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Cyprus consistent efforts to modernize its regulatory environment for
investment funds, has created a legal framework bearing hallmarks of the
regimes in Luxembourg and Ireland, and has strengthened Cyprus’ profile as an
emerging European funds and asset management domicile.

Assets under management have tripled since 2013 reaching almost €3
billion, and the country has seen a surge of interest and appetite from
investors and fund service providers looking for new and interesting
EU-regulated jurisdictions.  Cyprus
offers both EU-regulated Undertakings of Collective Investment in Transferable
Securities (UCITS) and Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs), and is confident
that it will make significant progress in attracting more fund managers in the
foreseeable future.

Cyprus is also praised for its expert and knowledgeable service providers
who offer their services at a comparatively lower cost without compromising the
quality of their services.  Furthermore,
the smooth collaboration between the service providers and the competent
authorities guarantee the swift and unwavering delivery of their services
towards their clients.

By virtue of being one of the few former British colonies situated within
the EU, Cyprus has inherited the English legal system and values.  As a result, the Cyprus independent judicial
system applies the principles of common law and draws guidance from English
statutes and case law.

Cyprus also offers one of the most attractive tax regimes in Europe.  Foreign investors and Cyprus non-domiciled
individuals enjoy no withholding tax on dividends.  At the fund level, there is a uniform 12,5%
corporation tax on profits, constituting one of the lowest corporation tax
percentages in Europe. Fund management and administration services provided to
investment funds are not subject to VAT, resulting to the value base of the
investment fund not being burdened with a non-recoverable cost.  Las but not least, Cyprus has access to an
extensive network of double tax treaties allowing for tax efficient structuring
of investments.

How can we assist

Using our expertise we will implement your preferred fund structure and
provide you with valuable market insights and experience that are second to

Our Services:

  1. Licensing application to the Regulator:
    • Choosing the right form of
      your AIF:
        We examine the alternative forms that the
      fund can take so that it meets your requirements,
    • Preparation of the
      application package:
        We can prepare the full
      application package that needs to be submitted to the Regulator.  During this process, our experienced team
      will advise you on how better to structure your operations and will assist with
      the preparation of all the necessary documents to be included in the
      application package.
    • Follow-up of the processing
      of the application:
      We can assist you in replying to any queries or providing additional
      clarifications as requested by the Regulator during their examination of the
  2. Corporate secretarial services
  3. Legal support
  4. CRS and FATCA compliance services
  5. Direct and Indirect tax services
  6. Internal Audit services
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