Covid-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment Update

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The Covid-19 PUP closed to new applicants from 8th July 2021. There has been gradual reduction in the PUP rates. As per the recent notification, the current rates of PUP are as below:

Average weekly earningsPersonal rate
€400 or over€300
€300 – €399.99€250
€200 – €299.99€203
Less than €200€203
  • From 16th November 2021, the payment under the first 2 rates will be reduced by €50. For persons earning between €200 and €299.99 per week and who were already on €203 rate of payment will move to standard jobseeker’s terms. This rate will be further reduced by €50 on 8th February 2022. We will update the rates closer to the deadline.
  • From 26th October 2021, a person earning less than €200 per week who received PUP at a rate of €203 per week previously and who has not returned to work before 26th October 2021, should apply for a jobseeker’s payment.

Authors – Chaitra Girish Mallya & Anne O’Connell

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