Ms. Yinghui Han and Mr. Kim Lu, Partners of Chang Tsi & Partners, were invited to the Annual Conference Financial Street Forum 2021. They shared their expertise in legal affairs to the financial enterprises. 

The Annual Conference of Financial Street Forum 2021 was jointly organized by the Beijing Government, the People’s Bank of China, Xinhua News Agency, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, etc. during October 20 to 22, under the approval by the State Council. As one of the top-tier financial forums in China, Financial Street Forum attracts hundreds of representatives from both domestic and international companies. Liu He, Vice Premier of China, delivered a speech at the Opening Ceremony, confirming that China will firmly protect the legal rights and interests of foreign institutions in China.

With “Economic Resilience and Financial Accomplishment” as the theme, Mr. Kim Lu was invited to introduce how legal service can support the financial risk prevision with rapid development of AI, Fintech, blockchain and more. Mr. Kim Lu suggested that more attention should be paid to patent application and protection in Fintech.

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