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The world has gone remarkable progress since the early 2000s. Information and communication technologies, which emerged in the second half of the 1970s and has improved stunningly fast, has now become the main element of economic and social life. Information and communication technologies was first a contributor to the economic and social development, then became a booster, and now has reached the position of being a determinant. It is no longer possible to think of a modern life and economy without information and communication technologies.

Humankind, and consequently all sectors, had their share from the said progress in information and communication technologies. Direction of technological development has become the determining factor of economic development. As companies that created the trend ranked among the most valuable companies in the economic arena; companies which could not adapt themselves to such change or those which remain ineffective in terms of the newly-emerging economic trends, have gone out of existence. One of the most striking example of the abovementioned fact is that half of the companies that ranked in Fortune 500 list in 2000s no longer exist in the current economic arena.

While disruptive technologies will create competitive advantage for companies that transfer such transformation to their business processes properly, it will also cause companies that are unable to keep up with this transformation, to disrupt and become ineffective in the economic arena. Disruptive technologies point out a rapid and exhaustive transformation and change in all business processes. In other words, all sectors will be experiencing a crucial change for the next 5 to 10 years, when adopting the concepts created by said technologies to their businesses, and will develop and implement new businesses instead of the current ones. It is of importance that such transformation is supported and directed by legal departments that comprehend it correctly, in order to ensure the transformation remains sustainable and is accomplished with minimum cost and by being able to manage the legal risks.

As BTS&Partners GC Academy, each year we provide a learning experience consisting of 4 chapters, with the participation of the most valuable experts in their field from Turkey and from around the world.

We are offering our vast knowledge to you, to ensure that you are able to guide and lead your businesses in their adaptation to disruptive technologies.

These sessions will provide you the main notions to make the right contributions to your business regarding the use of such technologies.

We aim to help you gain insight to catch the trends brought by disruptive technologies. While regulation chasing the Technology, we cover all of it from Business – Technology – Strategy and Law perspective.

BTS&Partners GC Academy

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