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Turkey > IT and telecoms Tier 1

BTS & Partners is lauded by clients for its ‘remarkable experience in online platforms, e-commerce, payment services and competition areas‘, and stands out as a leading firm in Turkey’s IT and telecoms industry. Yasin Beceni has extensive experience in advising on e-commerce and payment services matters, while Zeynep Unlu is a key contact for information technology clients. Ece Ozelgin frequently acts for multinational technology companies and digital platforms. Tugrul Sevim, Selin Beceni, and recently promoted partner Erdem Aslan are key names to note. The six named lawyers head up the practice.

Practice head(s):

Yasin Beceni; Tugrul Sevim; Selin Beceni; Zeynep Unlu; Erdem Aslan; Ece Özelgin

Other key lawyers:

Miray Muratoglu; Melis Mert; Sinan Haluk Tandoğan


‘BTS has remarkable experience in online platforms, e-commerce, payment services and competition areas. Their team has an extensive understanding of technology and provides great consultancy services to companies.’

‘They provide comprehensive and versatile legal support. You have the opportunity to work with lawyers who are experts in many different fields.’

‘Zeynep Unlu and her team’s deep legal expertise and strategic acumen have consistently impressed us. Their ability to analyze complex situations, provide insightful guidance, and develop innovative solutions has been instrumental in our decision-making process.’

‘Their dedication and expertise have consistently exceeded our expectations, and I am thrilled to acknowledge their remarkable contributions. The team’s commitment to our projects has been exemplary.’

‘Their ability to provide tailored solutions to complex legal challenges has been invaluable. Team’s responsiveness and clear communication have greatly facilitated our working relationship.’

‘They provide comprehensive technology law services.’

‘BTS has a really good understanding of local laws.’

‘Their dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes for their clients has not gone unnoticed, and it’s a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.Their responsiveness and accessibility have been particularly noteworthy.’

Key clients

Microsoft Corporation and Microsoft Türkiye



Mastercard Europe SA


Avalanche – Avalabs

BSH Hausgerate GmbH & BSH Türkiye

Dogus Holding & Group Companies

Koc Holding A.S. & Group Companies

İs Bankası A.S.

Starlink / SpaceX

Work highlights

  • Advising Apple on a retainer basis by tracking, monitoring, reporting and making analysis of the regulations and new legislative acts.
  • Assisting Koc Holding A.S. & Group Companies with its digital transformation, implementing AI-based solutions, and advises on data protection, privacy, e-commerce, and IT matters.
  • Acts as LinkedIn’s representative before the Information and Communication Technologies Authority, and advises the client on a wide range of matters.

Turkey > Media and entertainment Tier 1

BTS & Partners is well known in the Turkish market for advising large international social media platforms, streaming services, and gaming companies on data protection and compliance, regulatory, and licensing issues, among other areas. The practice is led by the quartet of Tugrul SevimSelin Beceni, who handles online content law matters concerning social media, Zeynep Unlu, who is well versed in handling advertising matters, and Yasin BeceniEce Ozelgin and Mine Hazal Senol are names to note.

Practice head(s):

Yasin Beceni; Selin Beceni; Tugrul Sevim; Zeynep Unlu

Other key lawyers:


‘The team is well aware of the media and advertising industry.’

‘Their professionalism makes BTS Law Firm outstanding. BTS always brings more results than required. They respect and value their clients.’

‘BTS’ individuals are always willing to help. In addition, they are always trying to provide the easiest solution. Associate Mine Hazal Senol is an exceptional specialist.’

‘BTS is well-known in the media and entertainment field. The team is fully experienced in digital business and always ready with practical solutions.’

‘Their dedication and expertise have consistently exceeded our expectations. Their ability to provide tailored solutions to complex legal challenges has been invaluable. They have been prompt in addressing our inquiries and providing updates on the progress of ongoing matters.’

‘Zeynep Unlu and her team’s deep legal expertise and strategic acumen have consistently impressed us. Their ability to analyze complex situations, provide insightful guidance, and develop innovative solutions has been instrumental in our decision-making process.’

‘Their dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence. Their responsiveness and accessibility have been particularly noteworthy.’

Key clients



LC Waikiki



Microsoft Corp & TR



Work highlights

  • Provides ongoing advice to Meta on a range of legal matters pertaining to the client’s social media platforms.

Turkey > Compliance Tier 2

Praised by clients for its ‘unwavering commitment to excellence‘, the team at BTS & Partners exhibits deep bench strength across a myriad of areas, advising on compliance relating to data protection and privacy, particularly in relation to the storage of customer information. Jointly leading the team, TMT expert Yasin Beceni assists clients with IT risk analysis issues; Tuğrul Sevim has exceptional expertise in handling both contentious and non-contentious IT and telecoms mandates; Zeynep Ünlü acts for a number of non-governmental organisations (NGO), and domestic and international clients on IT regulations; and Erdem Aslan is known for representing cloud service providers in compliance mandates relating to launches. Melis Mert is noted for her broad knowledge of novel IT issues surrounding AI and digital assets.

Practice head(s):

Yasin Beceni; Tuğrul Sevim; Zeynep Ünlü; Erdem Aslan

Other key lawyers:

Melis Mert; Miray Muratoğlu; Kaan Can Akdere


‘BTS &Partners’ team consists of very competent, highly skilled, constructive and cooperative members. They provide comprehensive legal advice and assistance on all aspects of data protection, including registration and enforcement strategies.’

‘Tuğrul Sevim has extensive knowledge on Data Protection and IT related legal issues, and is always available. Kaan Can Akdere is particularly competent in the area of data protection. We are very happy to work with Mr. Akdere.’

‘The team has been exceptionally responsive to our inquiries, consistently delivering prompt and efficient responses. Their dynamism and ability to swiftly grasp our requirements, coupled with their ability to prepare solutions in a timely manner, has greatly impressed us.’

‘Melis Mert and Yasin Beceni consistently provide timely input, demonstrate a deep understanding of our needs, and possesses profound expertise in complex personal data protection topics.

‘A highly motivated team with real expertise. They deliver excellent value and high-quality work.’

‘We have been working with Erdem Aslan and his team. Great communicators, providing immediate and prompt responses to questions and processes. Every question and need gets answered instantaneously with clarity. ’

‘Their dedication and expertise have consistently exceeded our expectations, and I am thrilled to acknowledge their remarkable contributions. The team’s commitment to our projects has been exemplary. They have demonstrated a deep understanding of our company’s unique needs and objectives, always going the extra mile to ensure that their legal counsel aligns perfectly with our business strategy.’

‘Zeynep Ünlü and her team’s deep legal expertise and strategic acumen have consistently impressed us. Their ability to analyse complex situations, provide insightful guidance, and develop innovative solutions has been instrumental in our decision-making process. Their dedication to achieving the best possible outcomes for our cases has not gone unnoticed, and it’s a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.’

Key clients

Baxter Turkey Renal Hizmetler Anonim Sirketi

Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi A.S.

Dogus Holding A.S.

ING Bank A.S.

DHL Lojistik Hizmetleri A.S.

Koc Holding A.S. & Group Companies

Mastercard Europe SA

Mercedes-Benz Turk Anonim Sirketi

Microsoft Bilgisayar Yazılım Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti.

Pegasus Hava Tasımacılıgı A.S.

Anadolu Group & Group Companies

Procter & Gamble Tüketim Malları Sanayi Anonim Sirketi

Tofas Turk Otomobil Fabrikasi A.S.

Work highlights

  • Advised Microsoft Bilgisayar Yazılım Hizmetleri on a comprehensive data protection compliance project. The firm prepared a report on the findings of the audit and provided advice to strengthen data protection practices in light of local regulations.
  • Assisted Mastercard with the completion of regulatory scans of various Mastercard services and products under Turkish regulations from the perspective of financial and data privacy regulations. The team assisted with localised customer facing documentation, such as terms and conditions and privacy notices used by the client in accordance with local regulatory requirements.
  • Advised Mercedes on its connected car services, i.e. Mercedes Me Connect. The team analysed the connected car services from the perspective of compliance with data privacy, telecommunications, e-commerce and road safety regulations.

Turkey > Employment Tier 2

BTS & Partners ‘provides excellent, user-friendly advice across a wide range of employment-related matters’. Selin Beceni and Zeynep Unlu jointly lead the team, which focuses on sector-specific practices alongside its employment work. As well as providing assistance in regulatory compliance and offering day-to-day advice, Beceni and Unlu are also strong in localising employment agreements and contract drafting, emblematic of the practice more broadly.

Practice head(s):

Selin Beceni; Zeynep Unlu

Other key lawyers:

Sinan Haluk Tandoğan; Özlem Cansu Tekşen


‘Very responsive, thorough and pragmatic advice that is highly valued by our clients. I very much appreciate the team’s ability to exactly understand the clients’needs.’

‘I work regularly with Zeynep Ünlü, who always delivers excellent service at high speed with decent costs.’

‘From my experience the team provides excellent, user-friendly advice across a wide range of employment related matters.’

‘Zeynep Unlu provides a very responsive service with clear, practical and well written advice.’

‘High attention to details, availability, engagement and responsiveness.’

‘Professional, reactive, good collaboration, experienced team, excellent result.’

‘Zeynep Unlu, is very qualified in all matters that are pertinent to our technoogy-related issues and she is also responsive when we need timely/urgent legal advice.’

‘Zeynep Ünlü always responds promptly and thoroughly to provide us with practical guidance in dealing with an unfamiliar jurisdiction.’

Key clients




Electronics for Imaging (EFI)



RTB House



TE Connectivity

Nebim Neyir Bilgisayar



Bird & Bird LLP

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

Work highlights

  • Assisting Russel Reynolds Associates with legal and regulatory compliance matters in its capacity as a Private Employment Bureau, licensed in Türkiye.
  • Advising Bird & Bird on employment law-related projects and queries of their clients active in various jurisdictions.
  • Supported RTB House by reviewing, localising and revising company policies, commission plans as well as tailoring global employment law practices for the country.

Turkey > Intellectual property Tier 3

Praised as having ‘great expertise in IP rights including copyrights, designs, and trade marks’, BTS & Partners offers its acumen in intellectual property to clients within the technology sector. Tuğrul Sevim co-heads the team, with vast experience of managing IP portfolios and IT contracts. Leading the team alongside him, Zeynep Ünlü is also an excellent source of advice. The team’s experience spans IP licensing contracts, copyright, employee inventions, and IP infringements.

Practice head(s):

Tuğrul Sevim; Selin Beceni; Zeynep Ünlü

Other key lawyers:

Melis Mert


‘The BTS team is knowledgeable and stays on top of regulatory changes in the area of IP. The firm can communicate the latest developments with regard to the IP legal framework and the enforcement regime in a comprehensive and concise way.’

‘BTS has great expertise in IP rights including copyrights, designs, and trade marks. They handle all types of IP matters. The team is very responsive, and they handle the entire process very professionally.’

‘Melis Mert is easy to work with. She is approachable on every level.’

‘BTS & Partners is a very reputable law office. We are very satisfied with the service they provide. They are accessible at any time, and they are highly experienced as a team.’

‘The BTS team is competent and responsive. We can get satisfactory responses for any of our issues. Also, the team is very collaborative and helps us to solve any conflicts.’

Key clients


Motion Picture Association


LC Waikiki




Koc Holding Investment

Work highlights

  • Advised Microsoft on developments concerning the intellectual property protection of its software and digital games, as well as the settlement of disputes concerning IP rights infringement and other digital crimes.
  • Advised Lenovo on its work on the prevention of counterfeit products, as well as providing both strategic and legal advice on how a sustainable system can be established.

The firm: BTS & Partners is the leading law firm in the sectors where technology plays a key role in operations. Over the last 15 years, the vision of BTS & Partners has been to assist its clients with navigating their way through their business’ technological transformation. Today’s businesses are disrupted by the digital technologies and each economic actor in the global economy should be adopting digital technologies’ benefits and realities into their current operations and outlook. In order to achieve its vision, BTS & Partners is closely following the regulatory developments not only in Turkey, but also the EU and the US.

BTS & Partners is the only law firm that has specific expertise and experience in the field of technology in Turkey, and is the market leader on regulations on several matters in this regard. This vision provides an advantage which allows BTS & Partners to differentiate its services from other law firms. In addition to its legal activities, the firm’s founding partners Yasin Beceni and Tugrul Sevim are actively working with NGOs and also teaching at universities. Alongside its close following of the international regulatory developments, such NGO and academic activities enables BTS & Partners to have an awareness level of the upcoming regulations in Turkey and allows the firm to quickly adapt its service scale to meet the needs of clients under the new regulatory regime. BTS & Partners is flexible about diversifying its services to create innovative service lines for its clients.

Considering that technology plays a key role in almost every sector, the clientele scale of BTS & Partners has increased enormously in the last three years and the demands of clients have expanded to practice areas other than ICT and regulatory advice. In this respect, BTS & Partners has immediately adapted its team to one that is eligible to provide services in such areas and has delivered the high-quality standards its clients are accustomed to receiving in ICT and regulatory advice. The firm hired a strong employment and corporate law team led by a partner in early 2015, and such an act has scaled the profile of BTS & Partners with its clients and facilitated more work by qualifying the firm as one of general practice – not just a boutique firm working in a sophisticated area of law.

Areas of practice: BTS & Partners focuses on providing solution-oriented and advocacy-led legal services driven by the needs of its clients. It draws upon considerable expertise to meet clients’ needs, particularly regarding emerging areas of law, with an academic approach and focus on the information and communication technologies (ICT) and telecommunications sector.

BTS & Partners’ cutting-edge, innovative vision and client-focused services have led to a proven track record of going beyond the conventional approach to maximise the success of its clients. Always striving to create essential added value, BTS & Partners has introduced new legal methodologies for preventive and proactive legal services in the IT and telecommunications sector, IP-driven companies, and investors in Turkey. One of the firm’s key assets is its ability to provide clients with strategic and legal decision-making support. The firm attributes great importance to understanding its clients’ business and strategic objectives, creating strategies tailored to achieve clients’ goals, and providing bespoke guidance throughout the execution and implementation phases of those strategies.

By leveraging its sector-specific know-how, BTS & Partners has evolved into a specialised technology law firm with a prestigious client portfolio that includes international governments, Fortune 500 companies, non-governmental organisations and expanding domestic clients in the Turkish ICT sector.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate and commercial Selin Beceni
Corporate and commercial Riza Yücel
Corporate and commercial Zeynep Ünlü
Corporate abd commercial Müge Minareci
Mergers and acquisitions Selin Beceni
Mergers and acquisitions Zeynep Ünlü
Venture capital and private equity Selin Beceni
Venture capital and private equity Müge Minareci
Venture capital and private equity Rıza Yücel
Data protection and privacy Yasin Beceni
Data protection and privacy Erdem Aslan
E-commerce Tuğrul Sevim
E-commerce Melis Mert
Entertainment, media and advertisement Tuğrul Sevim
Entertainment, media and advertisement Erdem Aslan
ICT infrastructure and outsourcing Yasin Beceni
ICT infrastructure and outsourcing Tuğrul Sevim
Employment Selin Beceni
Employment Zeynep Ünlü
Risk management Yasin Beceni
Risk management Erdem Aslan
Payment systems Tuğrul Sevim
Payment systems Kaan Can Akdere
Social media Selin Beceni
Social media Çağdaş Çizer
Telecommunications Tuğrul Sevim
Telecommunications Erdem Aslan
Intellectual property rights Tuğrul Sevim
Intellectual property rights Melis Mert
IPR management and strategies Tuğrul Sevim
IPR management and strategies Melis Mert
Competition Selin Beceni
Competition Cansu Tekşen
Sustainability Gözde Kuşçuoğlu
Public Policy Ece Özelgin
Employment Zeynep Ünlü
Employment Rıza Yücel
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Number of lawyers and consultants : 55

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The world has gone remarkable progress since the early 2000s. Information and communication technologies, which emerged in the second half of the 1970s and has improved stunningly fast, has now become the main element of economic and social life. Information and communication technologies was first a contributor to the economic and social development, then became a booster, and now has reached the position of being a determinant. It is no longer possible to think of a modern life and economy without information and communication technologies.