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IT and telecoms Tier 1

BTS & Partners is the pre-eminent firm in the IT and telecoms arena. Its many areas of strength include the end-to-end digital transformation of businesses, regulatory compliance, data protection, digital media, payment services, e-commerce, GDPR, fintech, banking, corporate and employment. The firm's first-rate reputation sees it act for a broad base of clients, including governments, NGOs, global academic institutions, and domestic and multinational companies. One of the co-heads of the practice is Yasin Beceni, who is knowledgeable about commercial transactions, communication technologies, IP, and drafting and negotiating ICT infrastructure and services contracts and company agreements. Another co-head is Tuğrul Sevim, who focuses on commercial contracts, e-commerce, internet legal issues, data privacy and IT litigation. Batu Kınıkoğlu and senior managing counsel Zeynep Ünlü also jointly lead the team with Beceni and Sevim.


‘The team consists of diverse professionals that are very competent in their specialist areas’.

‘They are always aware of what is going on in our industry and work for solutions in problematic areas proactively’.

‘We are very pleased to work with this multidisciplinary team’.

‘Data privacy is hot topic in Turkey and they are among few offices who know this topic perfectly’.         

Key clients

Microsoft Corp. and Microsoft Turkey

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The Interbank Card Center (Bankalararası Kart Merkezi)


Koç Group of Companies

Turkish Airlines


Türkiye İş Bankası


Eczacıbaşı Group of Companies

British Telecom





Media and entertainment Tier 1

BTS & Partners' group is experienced in handling enforcement and block access matters for large international social media companies. It is also knowledgeable about content regulation, media regulations, commercial transactions, data privacy and IP law. Managing partner Yasin Beceni has expertise in outsourcing agreements and other procurement arrangements. Tuğrul Sevim and senior managing counsel Zeynep Ünlü are other key figures in the team.


‘The uniqueness of the service is reflected by the team’s knowledge and to-the-point analysis’.

‘They are very professional in client management’.

‘Tugrul Sevim is an industry leader in data privacy’.

Key clients

Microsoft Corporation and Microsoft Turkey

Facebook Inc. & Facebook Ireland Limited

Instagram LLC

Eczacıbaşı Holding A.Ş.

Perform Group

Digiturk – Krea Içerik Hizmetleri ve Prodüksiyon A.Ş. (beIN Media Group company)

Employment Tier 3

BTS & Partners advises on restructurings, outsourcing, stock option plans, restrictive covenants and obtaining work permits for employees. The team handles compliance work for multinational companies through referrals from international law firms. Selin Beceni and Zeynep Ünlü head the practice. Clients include Lenovo and British Telecom.

Practice head(s):

Key clients

Bird & Bird LLP

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP

IGG Inc.


Eczacibasi Bilisim





British Telecom



Kolay IK3

Intellectual property Tier 4

BTS & Partners attracts a strong flow of work from clients. Its team has extensive expertise in IP transfer agreements, copyrights, employee inventions and procedures subject to IP issues, and license contracts. The team also handles IP litigation, including trade mark, patent, and industrial design infringement cases. Other areas of strength include anti-counterfeiting, domain name disputes and unfair competition. Clients include foreign and domestic software, telecoms, e-commerce businesses and payment services providers. Tugrul Sevim and Batu Kınıkoğlu are the joint heads of the practice.

Practice head(s):


‘BTS’s main advantage is they are good at understanding the technology we use and also they are very helpful in dealing with different regulations’.

‘Tugrul Sevim and his team are fantastic, they are good in crypto algorithms and they have good knowledge of cloud computing’.

‘They are aware of all different licensing models, copyright issues, patents laws and source code issues which is a very critical part of our business’.

The firm: BTS & Partners is the leading law firm in the sectors where technology plays a key role in operations. Over the last 15 years, the vision of BTS & Partners has been to assist its clients with navigating their way through their business’ technological transformation. Today’s businesses are disrupted by the digital technologies and each economic actor in the global economy should be adopting digital technologies’ benefits and realities into their current operations and outlook. In order to achieve its vision, BTS & Partners is closely following the regulatory developments not only in Turkey, but also the EU and the US.

BTS & Partners is the only law firm that has specific expertise and experience in the field of technology in Turkey, and is the market leader on regulations on several matters in this regard. This vision provides an advantage which allows BTS & Partners to differentiate its services from other law firms. In addition to its legal activities, the firm’s founding partners Yasin Beceni and Tugrul Sevim are actively working with NGOs and also teaching at universities. Alongside its close following of the international regulatory developments, such NGO and academic activities enables BTS & Partners to have an awareness level of the upcoming regulations in Turkey and allows the firm to quickly adapt its service scale to meet the needs of clients under the new regulatory regime. BTS & Partners is flexible about diversifying its services to create innovative service lines for its clients.

Considering that technology plays a key role in almost every sector, the clientele scale of BTS & Partners has increased enormously in the last three years and the demands of clients have expanded to practice areas other than ICT and regulatory advice. In this respect, BTS & Partners has immediately adapted its team to one that is eligible to provide services in such areas and has delivered the high-quality standards its clients are accustomed to receiving in ICT and regulatory advice. The firm hired a strong employment and corporate law team led by a partner in early 2015, and such an act has scaled the profile of BTS & Partners with its clients and facilitated more work by qualifying the firm as one of general practice – not just a boutique firm working in a sophisticated area of law.

Areas of practice: BTS & Partners focuses on providing solution-oriented and advocacy-led legal services driven by the needs of its clients. It draws upon considerable expertise to meet clients’ needs, particularly regarding emerging areas of law, with an academic approach and focus on the information and communication technologies (ICT) and telecommunications sector.

BTS & Partners’ cutting-edge, innovative vision and client-focused services have led to a proven track record of going beyond the conventional approach to maximise the success of its clients. Always striving to create essential added value, BTS & Partners has introduced new legal methodologies for preventive and proactive legal services in the IT and telecommunications sector, IP-driven companies, and investors in Turkey. One of the firm’s key assets is its ability to provide clients with strategic and legal decision-making support. The firm attributes great importance to understanding its clients’ business and strategic objectives, creating strategies tailored to achieve clients’ goals, and providing bespoke guidance throughout the execution and implementation phases of those strategies.

By leveraging its sector-specific know-how, BTS & Partners has evolved into a specialised technology law firm with a prestigious client portfolio that includes international governments, Fortune 500 companies, non-governmental organisations and expanding domestic clients in the Turkish ICT sector.

Department Name Email Telephone
Corporate and commercial Selin Beceni
Corporate and commercial Okan Arican
Mergers and acquisitions Selin Beceni
Mergers and acquisitions Zeynep Ünlü
Venture capital and private equity Selin Beceni
Venture capital and private equity Okan Arican
Data protection and privacy Yasin Beceni
Data protection and privacy Batu Kinikoglu
Deployment and development of new products Tugrul Sevim
Deployment and development of new products Batu Kinikoglu
E-commerce Tugrul Sevim
E-commerce Ecem Gündüz
Entertainment, media and advertisement Tugrul Sevim
Entertainment, media and advertisement Ecem Gündüz
ICT infrastructure and outsourcing Yasin Beceni
ICT infrastructure and outsourcing Tugrul Sevim
Employment Selin Beceni
Employment Zeynep Unlu
Risk management Yasin Beceni
Risk management Selen Ugur
Payment systems Tugrul Sevim
Payment systems Çagla Nizam
Social media Yasin Beceni
Social media Selen Ugur
Telecommunications Tugrul Sevim
Telecommunications Batu Kinikoglu
Intellectual property rights Tugrul Sevim
Intellectual property rights Ecem Gündüz
IPR management and strategies Tugrul Sevim
IPR management and strategies Ecem Gündüz
Domain name disputes Yasin Beceni
Domain name disputes Selen Ugur
IP litigation Selin Beceni
IP litigation Selen Ugur
Regulatory and technical compliance Yasin Beceni
Regulatory and technical compliance Batu Kinikoglu
Number of lawyers and consultants : 30

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The world has gone remarkable progress since the early 2000s. Information and communication technologies, which emerged in the second half of the 1970s and has improved stunningly fast, has now become the main element of economic and social life. Information and communication technologies was first a contributor to the economic and social development, then became a booster, and now has reached the position of being a determinant. It is no longer possible to think of a modern life and economy without information and communication technologies.