On February 10, 2022, Attorneys Park Sung-Keun and Jung Sang-Tae presented a webinar, titled “Major Issues Concerning Korea’s Serious Accident Punishment Act (SAPA)” together with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea.

The webinar was moderated by Foreign Attorney Michael van Muelken, and Attorneys Park Sung-Keun and Jung Sang-Tae spoke of the main points that companies should be aware of, such as what constitutes a “serious accident,” those subject to liability, and what the consequences are for violating SAPA.

Taking early steps to comply with SAPA’s provisions will reduce the likelihood of liability under the SAPA, including performing due-diligence, regular follow-ups on vendors and subcontractors, and staying up to date on new developments.

If you have questions about the potential impacts of SAPA on your business, it is important to reach out to an experienced attorney.



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