Barun Law’s International Arbitration Team and KCAB International jointly hosted a webinar on “Practical Matters to Note to Prepare for and Respond to International Arbitration Cases.”

Attorney Ejin Choi talked of “Practical Matters to Note for Virtual Hearings” and explained of the implications of virtual hearings in the age of COVID-19 as well as matters to note in the preparation and practice stages of virtual arbitration.

Foreign Attorney Rieu Kim talked of “Authority of Arbitrators under the Arbitration Agreement and the Scope of the Arbitration Agreement” and gave an in-depth explanation on related Supreme Court cases and practical matters to note, and Attorney Hyuk Jun Jung talked of “Independent Bank Guarantees” and of the related legal principles and practical matters to note.

Barun Law’s International Arbitration Team is made up of attorneys who are currently serving as arbitrators with various arbitration agencies and provide their service and advice on cases submitted before numerous arbitration boards, including the Korea Commercial Board of Arbitration, International Chamber of Commerce and the London Court of International Arbitration, as well as various rules of arbitration.

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