DSK Legal represented Mr. Sonu Sood and Sood Infomatics LLP (“SIL”) in relation to the acquisition of equity shares of Intercell Technologies Private Limited (“Company”) from the existing shareholders of the Company. 

The Company is engaged in the business of operating a SaaS based virtual network platform available at www.intercellworld.com and a mobile application branded as ‘Intercell’ which allow the students and professionals to connect with and seek guidance and career counselling from the experts and mentors in their respective field (“Business”). As a part of the transaction, Mr. Sonu Sood has been designated as ‘Co-founder’ of the Company and shall be acting as a brand ambassador of the Company and endorse the Company’s Business. 

DSK Legal assisted Mr. Sonu Sood and SIL in, inter-alia drafting, reviewing, negotiating and finalizing of (a) share purchase agreement executed amongst SIL, Company, and the selling shareholders of the Company; (b) shareholder’s agreement executed amongst SIL, Company, and its existing shareholders; (c) brand endorsement agreement to record the understanding of Mr. Sonu Sood and SIL in relation to the promotion and endorsement of Company’s Business; and (d) other ancillary documents in relation to the transaction          .

The DSK Legal team representing Mr. Sonu Sood and SIL was led by Mr. Rishi Anand (Partner), who was assisted by Mr. Jitendra Soni (Principal Associate), Mr. Chirag Jain (Principal Associate) and Mr. Kunal Garg (Associate). 

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