On July 21, 2023, the winners of the 24th China Patent Award were announced by the China Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA).The China Patent Award is co-organized by the China Intellectual Property Administration and the World Intellectual Property Organization, and the winners are decided according to the China Patent Award Evaluation Method.

The China Patent Award is intended to encourage inventions and creations, foster a culture of innovation, and improve the quality of patents. The awards given this year include 29 China Patent Gold Awards, 10 China Design Gold Awards, 60 China Patent Silver Awards, 15 China Design Silver Awards, 777 China Patent Excellence Awards, and 45 China Design Excellence Awards. The patents winning the gold awards relate to various technical fields, including pharmaceutical biology, digital communications, national defense science and technology, energy development, machinery applications, etc., which reflects the important role played by innovations in promoting the development of various industries and highlights China’s strength and determination in building an innovative nation.

This year, a Gold Award, a Silver Award and an Excellence Award were given to our client’s patents. We are honored to have assisted in the full course from drafting, filing to granting of the award-winning patents. Taking this opportunity, we would also like to thank our clients for their trust and support along the way.

Our sincere congratulations go to the award-winning clients. Here we also wish every client of AFD China can obtain more high-value patents and give full play to the role of the market to transform their innovations into productivity. We are also willing to work with you to contribute to the development of the intellectual property industry and the development of China’s economy.


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