June 25, 2020 – TerraLex, one of the largest global law firm networks with 163 member firms in 100 countries, is innovating to help members weather the storm of the pandemic and economic downturn. With the pandemic moving at different rates around the world and with businesses seeking realistic and practical solutions, the legal network is finding creative ways to make use of its available resources and huge amount of knowledge and information to help its members and their clients come to terms with the problems they are facing. 

In lieu of TerraLex’s signature global conference that would have taken place in Oslo, Norway in June, the network held a Virtual Global Meeting free of charge for its members. More than 640 people from 73 countries, including close to 40 US states participated in the program. Members shared ideas and information in more than 20 live networking sessions and had access to scores of on demand sessions and downloadable content featuring presentations on current business issues developed by TerraLex’s network of Practice Groups and Industry Sector Teams, as well as elements familiar to TerraLex members from in-person events. This included programming on diversity and inclusion, collaborative marketing and business development, special interest groups for law firm management, and a unique keynote presentation by Dr. Julia Jones (a/k/a Dr. Rock) focused on the neuroscience of music to enhance performance and reduce anxiety.

“Indian member firm Singhania & Partners’ Managing Partner Ravi Singhania commented, “This was a great opportunity for number of S&P partners to connect with lawyers from over hundred countries and get their perspective of their clients’ legal issues in the current economic situation”.

“There are so many common issues that law firms are seeing around the globe as we all work through the coronavirus outbreak and economic fallout. The live and on demand sessions provided an important forum where lawyers and legal industry professionals could share perspectives from various geographies,” said Tim Brown, TerraLex Chair and Partner at RPC in London.

According to TerraLex’s Chief Business Officer, Terri Pepper Gavulic, the response from members was overwhelmingly positive and the network will now make remote, virtual programming a part of its regular offerings to members.

Now more than ever the ability to connect and collaborate with colleagues around the world is the key to success. As part of the groundbreaking program, over 100 Managing Partners and other law firm leaders participated in dynamic and interactive virtual sessions to discuss the path forward for law firms and their clients.

About TerraLex
As business needs grow globally, clients need an expanded support system. TerraLex offers access to rigorously vetted law firms from strategically-resourced locations – ensuring strong legal advocates no matter how far and wide your business grows. For more than 29 years TerraLex member firms have provided clients with trusted, quality legal service where it counts as a locally-focused, strategically-resourced, and expertly-vetted collaboration of problem solvers poised to resolve issues of all scopes. To learn more, visit www.terralex.org.

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