Siam Legal International is proud to announce that it has received the esteemed Best Sales Performance Award (Western) 2024 by Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. This prestigious accolade demonstrates that Siam Legal is among the best immigration service providers in Thailand, and is a testament to the firm’s steadfast dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled services to its Thailand Elite Visa clientele.

The award was presented at the Thailand Privilege GSSA Awards event held on March 20, 2024, at the Siam Kempinski Hotel, Bangkok. The event was held to acknowledge and honor individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. while providing updates about the Elite Visa program.

Among the notable speakers at the event were Mr. Manatase Annawat, President of Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd., and Mr. Pichayut Promburee, Director of Business Development & Privileges.

Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. proudly announced its exceptional achievements in 2023, marked by a groundbreaking milestone of 11,846 memberships. This surge in memberships reflects the increasing allure of Thai Elite Visas among high-quality target clients seeking long-term visas with enhanced privileges. The Thailand Privilege Visa continues to attract discerning individuals by offering exclusive benefits spanning various categories, including travel, finance, and lifestyle.

With diverse membership tiers such as GOLD, PLATINUM, DIAMOND, and RESERVE, Thailand Privilege Card caters to a wide spectrum of requirements, providing personalized solutions for every member. At the heart of Thailand Privilege Card’s success lies its innovative M.O.R.E. strategy: Member-centric approach, Opportunity exploration, Responsibility, and pursuit of Excellence. This strategic framework ensures that members receive unparalleled value and service, tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

Looking ahead, Thailand Privilege Card aims to exceed 39,000 members by the end of 2024, projecting a substantial contribution of over 50 billion baht to the Thai economy. By continuing to innovate and adapt to evolving market demands, the Thai Elite Visa remains at the forefront of long-term residency solutions, reinforcing Thailand’s status as a preferred destination for global citizens.

Another key topic covered during the event was new additions to the long list of benefits and privileges offered to Thai Elite Visa holders, with the most notable being complimentary legal consultations provided by none other than Siam Legal.

Later, attendees were briefed on the upcoming launch of the Thailand Privilege mobile app and ebook, aimed at further enhancing the user experience for members. Discussions also centered around the process of upgrading old Thai Elite Visa memberships to the new Thailand Privilege memberships, including associated fees and point systems, as well as the program’s contributions to the Thai economy and the newly imposed Personal Income Tax on foreign-sourced income brought into Thailand. By staying on top of the program’s developments, Siam Legal’s Thai visa team is best equipped to answer any questions about the Thailand Elite Visa that prospective Thailand Privilege members might have.

The event underscored the evolving needs of clients since the introduction of the first Thailand Privilege packages, reflecting the ongoing commitment of Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd., and its partners to adapt and innovate to meet the changing demands of its Thai Elite members.


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