Sayenko Kharenko joined the preparation of the Business Ombudsman Council’s Systemic Report “How Business Can Seek Execution of Court Decisions in Ukraine”.

The report encompasses one of the biggest problems in the relationship between business and the state – the enforcement of court decisions and arbitral awards in Ukraine.

In particular, the report highlights the effectiveness issues of decisions enforcement, and provides a thorough analysis on the following issues:

  • legislation gaps in the field of regulation of the public and private enforcement officers activities, and other factors that negatively affect the enforcement of decisions in Ukraine
  • issues of responsibility for non-execution of court decisions
  • the methods used to evade the enforcement of decisions
  • legislation gaps in the regulation of the enforcement of decisions in the field of criminal proceedings, in the fiscal sphere, enforcement of foreign and international courts and tribunals decisions

The report identifies problematic issues of the enforcement of court decisions as well as provides recommendations on how to eliminate them.

Sayenko Kharenko’s team working on the project included partners Nazar Chernyavsky and Olena Sukmanova, counsel Oleksiy Koltok and associate Olena Solonska.

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