Exploring a Hybrid Future: Adapting Business Models to Succeed in the New Normal has been published, and Robert H. Schuler, Senior Partner and head of the Real Estate practice at Blumenthal Richter & Sumet, contributed the real estate article covering Thailand. The article covers:

  • What risk does hybrid working pose to the future of real estate in your jurisdiction – particularly in terms of commercial property asset values?
  • How can businesses with commercial real estate in your jurisdiction mitigate the impact that a reduced in-office workforce has on demand for commercial space?
  • Has hybrid working created a shift away from traditional prime real estate areas (i.e., cities) and are there opportunities to be had for property investors as a result?

The publication is a collaboration between IR Global and the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) which offers jurisdiction-specific advice on using external expertise effectively.

The article can be read below or the entire publication can be downloaded here: https://www.irglobal.com/article/exploring-a-hybrid-future/.

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