Partial Lockdown in Malta to have effect from 28 March 2020

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On 26 March 2020 the Maltese government announced that with effect
from Saturday morning 28 March 2020, people over sixty-five years of age and
people with health-related conditions (irrespective of their age), including
insulin-dependent diabetics, individuals with an immune suppression, patients
currently undergoing chemotherapy or having done so over the past six months, and
individuals on dialysis, together with pregnant women, should be required to stay at home at all times, barring a few exceptions. It is important to note that people in these categories and who
work, are being asked to either work from home or benefit from special
quarantine leave.

Furthermore, those people who are living with 65+ or people with the
above-mentioned medical conditions should also stay in lockdown. In this
situation, they can, however, work from home.

It was also announced that the police shall be empowered to break up
and disperse groups of more than five people who may be gathered in public
places. This particular measure shall
come into force with immediate effect.

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