Eterna Law team represented the interests of the Group of companies located in Belgorod region in a dispute with the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia on sanctions for the violation of antimonopoly legislation of the Russian Federation in the form of an agreement with a public authority to limit competition.

As a result of considering a case in the Court of Appeal, it was decided to meet the requirements of the Group of companies, rescission of FAS decision about the establishment a violation and subsequent recovery of fines in excess of 100 million rubles.

Specific of the dispute was the presence of a large number of parties with different status, multi-tiered protection strategy using substantial additional evidence, as well as the need for communication with other parties to the dispute with a view to implementing the chosen strategy.

A team of the lawyers worked on the dispute was Natalya Konovalova, Senior Associate, Dmytriy Ryzhenkov, Associate, Anastasiya Serova, Associate and Evgeniya Pervukhina, Associate. Operational management of the project was carried out by Dmitriy Ryzhenkov, Associate under the authority of the head of the Moscow Office of Anton Zhdanov.

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