On 24 August, SolarBK and BanpuNext confirmed the agreement to invest in the development and expansion of rooftop solar energy in Vietnam.

The two companies signing the contract are SolarESCO Corporation and BRE Singapore Pte. Ltd (BRES) – A wholly owned subsidiary of Banpu NEXT.

This cooperation aims to capture 25% market share of rooftop solar power in Vietnam, of which, at least 106 MW will be invested and deployed within 18 months.

LMP Lawyers is honored to have served as the consultant to SolarESCO in this deal.

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Read more at: https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/2274251/banpu-adds-to-green-energy-portfolio?fbclid=IwAR168h05dP7DM_90PxyfJOYKDZis4aiN9XTq–Aeu9ymUQ41572CDaLYjSY

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