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Lawyers of Legacy Law Offices LLP extend their pleasure in being the Legal Advisors to EMS Ltd for the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of the Company.

EMS Ltd is a leading Indian company, working in the sewerage sector since December 2010. Its business extends to providing sewerage solutions, water treatment and supply systems, electrical transmission and distribution systems and other allied works.

The team of lawyers headed by Our Managing Partner, Mr Gagan Anand, and Co-Managing Partner, Ms Shalini Munjal with Mr Amarendra Gogoi, Partner, Ms Shikha Vohra, Associate Advocate, and Mr Nandish Munjal, Associate Advocate, are providing professional legal services to the company for the public issue of their equity shares to facilitate the public offering which is worth over INR 180 crores.

According to the DRHP filed before SEBI, EMS Ltd is offering more than 82 lakh shares which are presently held by Mr Ramveer Singh, the Promotor of the company. Legal services provided by the team at Legacy Law Offices LLP include the facilitation of this prospectus alongwith other professional legal services pertaining to legal due diligence, risk mitigation, legal drafting and vetting of documents and legal advisory services.

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