KIAP Partner Anna Grishchenkova included into the Task force of ICC Commission on Arbitration & ADR

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Anna Grishchenkova, KIAP Partner and Deputy Chairman of the ICC Russia Commission on Arbitration, joined the Task Force on “ADR and Arbitration” of the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR.

The mission of the Task Force is to study and analyse how different ICC ADR Services are currently being used and combined with ICC Arbitration. One of the tasks is to better understand which ICC dispute resolution services are used and can be used for various disputes based on specific criteria such as: dispute types, industry sectors, type of parties and types of relief claimed. The result of the study will be a Report summarizing the Task Force findings and including the case studies, which will include suggestions of experts as to how parties, counsel and arbitrators may be able to better utilize the different ICC ADR Services.

Anna Grischenkova was appointed a Deputy Chairman of the ICC Russia Commission on Arbitration in October 2019. ICC Russia Commission on Arbitration, or Commission on International Arbitration, was established in 2000 upon the initiative of members of the Russian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce – the World Business Organization, and is a sectoral expert commission of ICC Russia. The Commission on Arbitration and it’s task forces include a number of leading experts in international arbitration, among them are partners from international and Russian law firms, corporate lawyers, professors from Russian law schools, as well as experts in international commercial dispute resolution.

KIAP, Attorneys at law, became a full-fledged member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in October 2017. The International Chamber of Commerce – The World Business Organization (ICC) is an influential non-profit organization acting in the name of business of all countries in any part of the world. ICC combines tens of thousands of enterprises, associations and companies, closely interacts with such international organizations as UN, WTO, the World Bank, EBRD, “Group of Seven”, and constitutes an advisory body for them, expressing the interests of business. Russian National Committee of International Chamber of Commerce – World Business Organization – ICC Russia was founded in 2000 and actively participates in all ICC initiatives. ICC Russia membership gives an opportunity to companies’ and financial institutes’ representatives to participate in expert activity of twelve international commissions and many working groups on variety of areas.

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