KIAP lawyers secured the enforcement of the VIAC’s arbitral award in Italy during the lockdown

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In March 2019 International Commercial Arbitration practice lawyers of KIAP won a litigation at Vienna International Arbitration Center, representing the interests of a Russian client against an Italian equipment manufacturer. The dispute was related to the return of the advance payment under the supply contract and compensation for losses caused by the early termination of the contract.

At the in-person hearing in Vienna, held in English, a key factor in achieving victory became a successfully conducted cross-examination of witnesses. As a result, the court fully satisfied the requirements of the Principal of KIAP and completely refused the defendant’s counterclaim. It is worth to mention that the arbitration tribunal also awarded full compensation for all the arbitration expenses incurred by the Client for KIAP lawyers.

Further, with the help of Italian colleagues KIAP lawyers initiated the procedure for the enforcement of an arbitral award in Italy. The proceedings coincided with a period of complete lockdown in Italy in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. However, despite all the difficulties, the Firm lawyers managed to get an order from an Italian court to enforce the award.

The Principal’s interests on the project were represented by KIAP partner Anna Grishchenkova and senior associate Natalia Kisliakova with assistance of partners in Italy.

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