KIAP defended the interests of a large manufacturer from Republic of Belarus in 3 court instances

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13 August 2020, Moscow, Russia – The distributor appealed to the Russian arbitration court with a demand to recover from the Belarusian company the discount on the contract not given to him. The total amount of the claims estimated 100 million rubles.

Such category of cases is extremely rare, and there is no uniform practice on the issue. During the consideration of the case, questions arose about the legal nature of the discount, the interpretation of the contract terms and internal documents of the manufacturing company, the ratio of disputes on the recovery of unjust enrichment, and compensation for damages. For 1 year, the lawyers of KIAP, Attorneys at Law, went through all three court instances, which fully supported the position of KIAP lawyers and completely refused to satisfy the claim against the Principal.

The interests of the Principal on this project were represented by Partner Anna Grishchenkova, Head of division “Government Procurement: legal support and disputes” Maxim Buzin and Junior Associate Alexander Kartashov.

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