JunHe’s latest achievement clinches a place in the top three “2018
Universum China Most Attractive Legal Employer Awards”, for the third year in a

“2018 Universum China Most Attractive Employer Awards” was published on June
20, 2018. JunHe stands out for its professional, legal service and rostrum of top talent by being
awarded a place in the “China Most Attractive Employer Awards Top 100”. Each
year since 2016, JunHe has been voted by law students in the top three of the “Universum
China Most Attractive Employer” awards.

Universum, with
its headquarters based in Stockholm, Sweden is the largest and most
authoritative employer branding organization worldwide, and has a 30-year
history. Since 2006, Universum has invited undergraduate students each year to
join its career orientation survey. It surveys graduates from major disciplines
including engineering, business, science, law, medicine, humanities and social
sciences, to select the “China Most Attractive Employer” award. In 2018, nearly
60,000 undergraduate students from 110 universities in China joined the survey,
and JunHe was selected as one of the top three ‘dream employers’ for law
students in the country.

With its prominent position in the Chinese legal
market for almost 30 years, JunHe has been recognized numerous times as an
outstanding employer by many professional organizations . The “Employer of
Choice”, awarded by the Asian Legal Business (ALB), has gone to JunHe nine times, including the award for “Employer of
Choice 2018”. By clinching the “2018 Universum China Most Attractive Employer Award”,
JunHe has again affirmed its on-going contributions to
the training and development of talent, as well as its outstanding achievements
in the legal field.

Career development and the working
environment have become increasingly important considerations for law students who
are choosing their future employers. During its almost 30 years of development,
JunHe has always strived for excellence in its field, as well as providing an appealing work
environment. The firm keeps pace with the times by being innovative, honest and
brave as well as magnanimous and modest. JunHe has succeeded in forging the way
by becoming the ideal workplace for thousands of law students, as demonstrated
by this latest achievement.

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