In 2022, recurrent outbreaks of COVID-19 occurred in many countries around the world.In the face of the epidemic, there are things that we are unable to change and can only adapt to, but we can also actively do some things and strive for a life with less regrets. For example, we may maintain love in our life, care about others, and keep a clam and peaceful mind on the implementation and cancellation of epidemic control measures.

Since 2016, we have been helping children with cerebral palsy to undergo rehabilitation training through Chenguang Rehabilitation Center for 7 consecutive years. With our support, two children have recovered their physical functions and fit into normal social life. In 2022, we began to sponsor Jing Yong, an orphan from Fujian. So, how about his life and training in the past year? Let’s find out together!

After 8 months of rehabilitation training, Jing Yong made a lot of progress. Now he can stand independently, and by holding onto the handrails, he can walk on a treadmill non-stop for two hours; he can go from half-kneeling to standing get-up for 50 times continuously and do push-up for 80 times continuously; he is also able to walk 2 steps independently. He can put on and take off some clothes by himself, eat by himself and support himself to go up the stairs.

As implied by his name, Jing Yong is brave, optimistic, and actively fights against the tribulations in his life. Uncompromising, not giving in, this little boy shows great vigor and energy.

In order to help Jingyong continue to rehabilitate and fit into normal social life as soon as possible, in 2023, our firm organized a donation activity, and a total of 88 caring colleagues participated in the donation. All the funds raised will be used for Jingyong’s rehabilitation training, nursing care, accommodation cost and other expenses.

Philanthropy or charity corresponds to “慈善” in Chinese. The Chinese character “慈” means “love from heart”, while “善” means “nice and kind act or attitude”. When put together, the two characters “慈善” have a lot of good meanings. With the idea of thinking about the interests of others, and with love and kindness, we can make everyone feel the warmth of the society.

Charity is a social undertaking in which people voluntarily give love and assistance and engage in helping the weak and the poor. In this definition, the word “voluntarily” is particularly important and valuable, because “voluntarily” means that charity is not an obligation, but an action driven by our inner will. Therefore, it is normal not to do it, and no one can force you to do it; if you choose to do it, it is your virtue and you may find inner joy when helping others. It is one’s own choice as to whether or how to do charity, and everyone can choose to do it in a way they deem more appropriate, no need to mind the views or judgments of others.

The most important thing to consider in charity is the needs of others and what kind of help can really help them out of the predicament. Sometimes directly giving them money cannot solve the problem, and sometimes it can even become an obstacle, giving the person being helped a false dependency. Money is just a tool, and some people may turn money into resources, abilities, and skills, so that the person being helped can truly acquire health, survival skills, and more choices. These people are also worthy of respect and gratitude. It is because of them that our donation is put into actual use; it is because of them that love can be passed on smoothly. We would like to express our special gratitude to all the teachers and other staff of the rehabilitation center who have been working hard for many years for the rehabilitation of the children with cerebral palsy. They are the real “family” of these children.

Taking this opportunity, we would also like to thank our caring colleagues who have been supporting the Phoenix Public Welfare Project. Because of their support, these children get the opportunity to rehabilitate and get the courage to dream about the future. We believe that when they grow up, they will do their best to help more people. Charity is like a river, we standing on its one side and the children standing on the other side; the teachers are like a bridge on the river, connecting us with these children. We, the teachers and the children joining hands together, this is the most beautiful scenery of love.

Charity does not rely on the power of a certain person or a handful of people but on collective efforts. We hope that more and more friends will join hands with us to build a most beautiful bond between people.


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