AFD China has been committed to helping children in need and improving their learning and living conditions.“Let the Swans Fly” is a charity project that provides financial support for Yanjing Little Swan Public Welfare School. By providing funds, we help the School purchase sufficient teaching aids, cultural and sports equipment, learning supplies, daily necessities, etc., to ensure that the children have sufficient educational resources.

2022 is also a year seriously impacted by the epidemic, so how was the situation in the School? In 2022, the School suspended classes for more than a month in the spring semester and fall semester respectively, but with joint efforts of the teachers and students, the School opened online courses and added many extracurricular courses, so the teaching activities of the School were carried out smoothly. The School also organized students to participate in national competitions, such as the National Coding Test For Adolescents sponsored by the China Software Industry Association, which is one of the first batch of AAA-level industry organizations approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the National Primary and Secondary School Information Technology Innovation and Practice Competition, etc., and the children achieved good results in the competitions.

The School set up a special class for poverty-stricken students in 2021, and in the past year, these students changed a lot. They not only greatly improved their study skills, but also built some good habits and developed some hobbies. At present, there are 56 students in this special class. After spending more than one year with these students, the teachers find that this model works. When the students came to a new environment, the teachers not only taught them knowledge, but also treated the students like their own children and cared about them, which allowed the students to become confident and even get higher test scores than average.

In February 2023, AFD China provided funds again for the school to purchase textbooks, learning supplies, teaching aids, cultural and sports equipment, daily necessities, etc. and to subsidize the round trip fares of volunteer teachers in summer and winter vacations. It is hoped that these materials may enable the children there to study without worries.

It is easy to do one good deed, but it is difficult to do good deeds for a lifetime. The teachers who devote themselves to public welfare education are a group of people who fill every day of their lives with kindness and love. They use their knowledge and ability to educate and help many poor children, so that these children may have a future with more possibilities and will dare to have dreams and dare to change their fate. With sincerity and devotion, the teachers teach these children what the value of life is and how to find and realize their values in this world. These will become valuable assets for these children throughout their lives. We are willing to support such teachers and accompany them on the path of public welfare education. We are also willing to help these children and let them know that they are not ignored or forgotten. In this way, it is hoped that when these children grow up, they can pass on the love they feel to others in need.

Charity is never an empty word and also should not become a kind of moral abduction. Charity should originate from one’s own heart and calls for action. No matter whether donating money to those in need or helping an elderly person cross the street, such kind of behaviors are all worthy of respect and should be applauded. We are also willing to help those in distress in every way we can and kindly hope that more and more people will join us on the way forward.


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