Hugill & Ip Doubles Up its Family Team

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Family law cases can often be emotionally charged and complex, regularly requiring a team of legal professionals to navigate the intricacies of these sensitive matters.As the demand for family law services in Hong Kong continues to rise, expanding the family law team offers numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, broader expertise, and enhanced client support.

Earlier in November, Hugill & Ip added two new partners and three senior associates to the firm. The addition of Caroline McNally, Kajal Aswani, Catherine Tso, Kim Macnamara and Kelly Merris to the team also shows a continued commitment of Hugill & Ip in increasing the presence of women in senior roles at the firm, following other three women who have joined in senior positions earlier this year.

Caroline McNally stated: “I have always been a firm believer that a successful family law practice needs to combine effective communication, legal expertise, creativity, collaboration and compassion, therefore I am confident that the best place for the whole team to be is Hugill & Ip. The firm genuinely care about its clients and the outcomes that it provides – by offering individuals a safe and supportive space, we can help people navigate the legal process with understanding, reassurance and an opportunity to move on with life in the best possible way.”

Kajal Aswani also commented: “I already knew several members of Hugill & Ip for a number of years and I am delighted to now be part of the firm and be able to provide clients with a more holistic approach. The family and private client areas often intersect, as individuals and families require legal guidance that spans both personal and financial matters. Whether it involves estate planning, wealth management, or divorce proceedings, having a stronger team ensures that clients receive comprehensive advice which takes into account their legal, financial, and emotional needs.”

Alfred Ip added: “In the dynamic landscape of legal services, more sophisticated outfits are increasingly recognizing the importance of building strong, cohesive teams to meet the diverse needs of their clients. One powerful combination that we can offer exceptional client service and comprehensive legal support is the synergy between a strong private client and family team. We know that the current proposal that Hugill & Ip provides is one of the strongest offers in Hong Kong and the region.”

Adam Hugill remarked: “Expanding the team brings even more diverse skill sets and expertise, enabling Hugill & Ip to better handle a full array of cases. The collective knowledge of a well-reputed team ensures that the practice can successfully tackle complex legal challenges and provide well-rounded solutions to a wider variety of clients. Moreover, a larger team allows for increased availability to address concerns promptly, offer regular updates, and deliver a bespoke experience.”


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