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17 October, 2019

Foyen Advokatfirma is a member of the BIM Alliance, an association which advocates issues involving digitalization of the built environment.

Digitalization of construction projects is not a vision for the future, but rather a method being used today and ever increasingly in construction projects both in Sweden and internationally. BIM – Building Information Model – thus entails digitally structured processing of information in all phases of the built environment, including the design, construction and maintenance processes. This method of working imposes new and more demanding requirements on real estate owners and contractors, but also lawyers. Eva Westberg Persson, partner and specialist in the field of construction law, says that it is necessary to understand both the technology and the law involved in these models as well as the various work approaches in order to be able, now and in the future, to assist our clients even more effectively, both in contract drafting as well as in disputes.

– In order to be able to assist our clients in the best possible manner, we have to understand how our client actually works, both when providing assistance in the contract phase and when providing assistance during design and construction. If we understand the information and the way in which it is presented in a BIM model, we can also more effectively assist our clients in a dispute. We therefore consider our involvement in the BIM Alliance to be an important part of our services, allowing us to actively participate in the development and issues which digitalization gives rise to, not the least from a legal perspective. We also see that digitalization is providing possibilities for our clients to improve their businesses and is being driven by an interest in disseminating knowledge about BIM, says Eva Westberg Persson.

Sara Malmgren, a partner and the head of Foyen’s IT department, sees it as a natural step for Foyen to be at the cutting edge of digitalization in the built environment.

– Foyen is one of Sweden’s largest law firms in the field of construction law with a great deal of experience gained from assisting clients in the industry in all phases. Foyen has just as much experience working with IT law. We have acquired a large amount of knowledge and understanding for IT-related technology and infrastructure, and the issues which automatically arise from an ever more digitalized world, such as information security, compliance and intellectual property issues. It is both exciting and logical that two of Foyen’s core areas are merging together to a greater degree. It is also extremely rewarding working internally with new issues which are still under development and in this way building up knowledge which benefits our clients, says Sara Malmgren.

Eva Westberg Persson and Sara Malmgren go on to say that the practical difference in construction projects is large and Foyen believes that, with its participation in BIM, it is at the forefront of the legal and technical issues which arise.

– The shift in technology where the commercial benefits are so obvious to all of the parties in the built environment is fascinating. We see major advantages in all stages, including in the maintenance stage where the real estate owner can improve the management of properties and make it more efficient with the aid of BIM models and by handling information digitally, says Eva Westberg Persson.

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