The firm, one of Brazil’s leading law firms with a reputation for excellence, welcomes Marco Aurélio Orosz and Andrea Ometto Bittar Tincani as its newest partners, both of whom bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their roles.

Andrea Ometto Bittar Tincani, the former coordinator of the Corporate area, has over a decade of experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, joint ventures, and planning, as well as impressive international academic and professional experience. “For me, this is an extraordinary moment as it represents the professional recognition from my peers. I am eager to repay the trust with dedication and commitment because we know the journey ahead is long, and we must think about the perennity of our office.”

Marco Aurélio Orosz, the former coordinator of the Compliance area, is a specialist in Civil Procedure, Compliance, Risk Management, and Law and Economics, with more than five years of experience in consulting. He has advised companies and institutions on structuring compliance programs, improving good governance practices, and ensuring compliance with legal provisions related to personal data protection. “Being invited to join the partnership brings me immense joy and a profound sense of responsibility. I am excited to continue doing more and better, ensuring technical quality, customer satisfaction, innovating, and engaging the team. This is how we hope to keep working.”

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