Fares Legal, a global law firm specializing in Energy and Infrastructure law, has been named in Legal 500 for its expertise in the field. The prestigious ranking is a recognition of Fares Legal’s 15 years of experience as a trusted partner for some of the biggest companies in the world, government agencies, and leading midsize organizations.

“Our inclusion in Legal 500 is a testament to our commitment to providing practical solutions that meet the needs of our clients,” said Fares Legal’s Managing Partner Yannil Belbachir . “We are proud to be recognized for our expertise in Energy and Infrastructure law, and we will continue to work hard to maintain our reputation as a trusted legal partner for businesses and organizations worldwide.”

Fares Legal’s unique selling proposition lies in its expertise in Energy and Infrastructure law, global network, local knowledge, proven track record, and commitment to transparency, respect, and results. With over 200 international cases and a strong network in the region with offices in Italy, Algeria, and Libya, Fares Legal provides seamless dispute resolution with global expertise and local solutions.

“We are grateful to our clients for their trust and support over the years,” said Fares Legal’s Managing Partner. “Our team of local lawyers and international lawyers with in-depth knowledge of global compliance will continue to provide practical, effective, and timely legal solutions for our clients.”

Fares Legal offers language capabilities in French, Arabic, English, Italian, and Spanish to serve diverse clients across the world. For more information about Fares Legal and its areas of expertise, visit www.legal500.com orwww.legalease.co.uk.

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