Founding partners Mr Ittinant Suwanjutha, Mr Anuwat Ngamprasertkul and Ms Siripen Kulworakulpitak launch new firm specialising in the provision of legal services and innovations for stakeholders in Thailand. A New Year and a new move for names familiar to Thailand-based businesses and investors.

BANGKOK, THAILAND, 30th March 2023 – IAS Advisory opened its doors in January 2023 offering bespoke legal solutions and a contemporary value-based approach to hitting client targets.

Ittinant, Anuwat and Siripen—internationally recognised lawyers with decades of experience operating in Thailand’s complex regulatory frameworks—are a key contact point for domestic and foreign clients including business leaders, founders, developers, creatives and investors in the country. They advise on the very latest regulatory changes and forthcoming legal and policy updates.

Providing expert legal analysis in such areas as Corporate & Commercial/M&A, Real Estate, Litigation, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration, and Data Privacy & Personal Data Protection, their boutique firm is a fresh addition to the traditional legal landscape.

Ittinant: “Today’s business leaders need more than just simple legal products and services. Relationship-building and partnership working—including an understanding of each client’s core values and business ethos—are key to driving a successful outcome in each case.”

Anuwat: “Our aim is to cultivate legal relationships that are based on familiarity and trust, which is the reason so many of our clients return to us for advice in other areas of their life and business.”

The firm’s existing client base includes multinational corporations, SMEs, high-net-worth individuals and startups.

Ittinant continued: “We are grateful for our business partnerships and, as so often happens, for the growth of so many friendships over the years. We look forward to defending our clients’ interests and helping more businesses grow as Thailand opens up and readjusts post-Covid.”

Siripen added: “The launch of IAS Advisory represents an opportunity for businesses and investors in Thailand to reset their legal dependencies and update their expectations of what a law firm should offer. To our clients, we are glad to have you with us at the launch of this exciting new venture, and to potential clients, we look forward to assisting you in the future with our new firm.”

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