Binder Grösswang is pleased to announce its partnership with the female factor, a global community for the next generation of female leaders and the brand behind Europe’s first job platform for integrative companies.

Investing in more diversity and creating an environment in which all persons have equal opportunities for development generates a clear competitive advantage in the search for new talents.

“We want to support young female colleagues in pursuing their careers so that an equitable balance between women and men at the top executive level becomes a matter of course.” – Christine Dietz, Binder Grösswang Partner.

Diversity established as a strategic objective

At Binder Grösswang 51% of the staff, just under 40% of the lawyers, and 23% of the team leaders are women. Our clear objective is to raise the percentage of women at all career levels.

“In searching for new talents, I attach high importance to diversity. I see differences as strengths, because team members with different perspectives complement each other and together are able to meet challenges innovatively.” – Sabine Binder-Krieglstein, Head of Human Resources.

The female factor and Binder Grösswang pool their strengths

Through its partnership with the female factor, Binder Grösswang will receive strong support in achieving its equality goals. The law firm’s objective is to accompany young women along their career paths and create a work environment that flexibly adapts to a wide variety of life circumstances.

“It is wonderful to see that companies in traditionally male-dominated sectors are making diversity at the top executive level a priority. We look forward to helping Binder Grösswang build on its success in this respect,” remarks Mahdis Gharaei, CEO of the female factor.

About the female factor

The female factor is a global community that has set itself the goal of filling the leadership gap by enabling the next generation of female leaders to take their places at top executive tables. The organisation just recently instituted the first European job platform for integrative companies in order to support employers in recruiting and retaining female talents.

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