The ground breaking ceremony for the Qazaq Soda factory, which is to be built by Qazaq Soda LLP, a subsidiary of the Yıldırım Group of Companies represented by Erdem & Erdem, was recently maid. Kazakhstan’s first soda ash factory, which will be constructed with a $400 million investment, will meet the country’s domestic needs by producing 400 thousand tons of soda ash and other important raw materials annually, and will employ 1500 people during the construction phase and appx. 300 people once it is brought into service.

Erdem & Erdem Law Firm is proud to represent Yıldırım Holding during the tender and construction process for the soda ash plant. Within this scope, Erdem & Erdem had successfully conducted the preparation, negotiation, and signing of the engineering, procurement, and construction contract and relevant annexes since the tender process.

Soda ash, which is utilized in multiple fields such as glass manufacture, detergent, battery, medicine, cosmetics, and filtering, has an worldwide essential place for any country’s businesses in many sectors.

The Qazaq Soda Ash factory, which is to be the most efficient and environmentally friendly soda ash production facility in the world, will be established with zero waste technology.

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