Ehrlich Group is eager to assist refugees who fled Ukraine by providing them with accommodations and basic provisions. However, and more importantly, we wish to provide them with remote, hybrid, or in-primacy professional training as an Intellectual Property Paralegal. This profession, which is in high demand worldwide, does not require a particular license to practice and can also be acquired and/or practiced remotely.

By so doing, we provide the refugees not only with “Give a Person a Fish, Feed Him or Her for a Day” but also with “Teach a Person to Fish, and You Feed Him or Her for a Lifetime” by teaching them a trade, allowing them to work anywhere in the World.

A paralegal in the field of Intellectual Property assists with patent, trademark, and design registration procedures, assists Patent Attorneys with their legal work, liaises with clients (e.g., inventors, entrepreneurs), and vendors (associates overseas), and manages basic billing, tasks, and various other IP-related projects.

After the training period, whoever is deemed suitable will be offered a working position within the Ehrlich Group. The work at the Group will be of a hybrid or in-primacy nature for those refugees who will settle in Central Israel or Brasov, Romania; or remote for those who will choose to re-establish their lives in other countries or return to homeland Ukraine once safe.

Refugees from the Ukraine, fluent in the English language, are welcome to contact our Group at:

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