ECIJA GPA expands its team by integrating the law firm Estudio Central of Cuenca.

ECIJA GPA announces the opening of its fourth office in Ecuador in the city of Cuenca. Having integrated renowned law firm Estudio Central with a team led by its partners Juan Valdivieso González, Sebastián López Hidalgo, Xavier Molina López, and Santiago Vega Malo, partners of the Firm. Estudio Central has professional experts in all branches of law, such as constitutional law, tax law, or intellectual property law, who now join ECIJA GPA.

Among the essential operations are sponsorship in relevant cases in corporate dispute resolution matters and advising different Ecuadorian and foreign companies and institutions. ECIJA GPA’s new integration makes ECIJA the only international law firm in the city of Cuenca.

In the words of Gonzalo Gonzalez, managing partner of ECIJA GPA in Ecuador: “We always look at Azuay and particularly Cuenca as a necessary destination to provide modern and quality legal services. Cuenca’s commerce and industry are not only an example of good corporate governance but also contribute significantly to the national GDP. Just one business group in this region represents 4% of the GDP.

ECIJA GPA establishes a new style of legal services that adequately and efficiently accompanies new ventures. With Estudio Central today integrated into ECIJA GPA, we look with optimism to the Ecuador of today. We bet for a better future of equality, freedom of commerce, and growth of all industries. We are here to stay, hand in hand with partners from Cuenca who know their people. It is enough to stop in this city to observe its businesses’ creativity and permanent growth. Cuenca attracts investment in tourism, real estate construction, the industry of all kinds and currently mining”.

On the other hand, Cuenca’s former partner of Estudio Central, now part of ECIJA GPA, emphasizes that: “The role and presence of an international firm in the city of Cuenca will consolidate a new vision of the legal practice, incorporating practices with the highest international standards, providing our clients with specialized advice in new areas of law with the added value of having a global reach.”

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