The LCIA is one of the world’s leading international institutions for commercial dispute resolution. It provides efficient, flexible and impartial administration of arbitration and other ADR proceedings, regardless of location, and under any system of law.

The international nature of the LCIA’s services is reflected in the fact that over 80% of parties in pending LCIA cases are not of English nationality. The LCIA’s dispute resolution services are available to all contracting parties, without any membership requirements.

The LCIA Court is made up of up to thirty five members, plus representatives of associated institutions, and former Presidents, selected to provide and maintain a balance of leading practitioners in commercial arbitration, and is the final authority for the proper application of the LCIA rules.

Mr. Desai founded DSK Legal in April, 2001. Under his leadership the firm has grown from 7 lawyers to over 250 lawyers, and is considered to be one of the leading full service law firms in India. Mr. Desai is recognised as a leading practitioner in India across a wide range of practice areas, and represents several large multinational and Indian corporates, business leaders and celebrities, in high profile litigations, arbitrations and transactions.

On the appointment, Mr. Desai said, “This is a great honour. I am excited to serve as a member of the LCIA Court, and believe this appointment will provide me with a unique opportunity to contribute to the success of an organization that is dedicated to making a positive impact in the world of dispute resolution.”


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