Striving to reinforce a culture of equality, the Firm has defined the importance of individualizing the diversity and inclusion approach in a new ad hoc committee, whose mission is to ensure that all members at Miranda & Amado can develop fully and on an equal footing.

  • For some years now, the Firm has been offering benefits to LGBTIQ+ couples and granting maternity and paternity leaves internally, exceeding the protection given by Peruvian legislation.
  • 35% of Miranda & Amado’s team are women, 66% of management positions, in turn, are held by women.

One of Miranda & Amado’s strengths has been its ability to apply and consistently improve its internal policies on diversity and equal opportunities for all people, to ensure the right to full and equal development of all of the Firm’s members, as well as a work environment that reflects respect for the individual and that is free of violence, harassment and any kind of discrimination.

In this vein, the Firm has taken solid steps in pursuing initiatives such as redefining, a couple of months ago, a Diversity and Inclusion Committee, precisely in charge of designing strategies and executing actions that promote an internal culture of equality, diversity and inclusion and no tolerance to discriminatory behaviors, making Miranda & Amado a great place for the development of people. The committee, fronted by Nathalie Paredes, the partner in charge of diversity and inclusion matters at the Firm, was initially formed by partners and the Human Resources Manager and now includes members from different areas and organizational levels.

“This Committee focuses its efforts on four diversity strands that we seek to reinforce: gender, LGBTIQ+ community, disability and culture. Keeping a track record of these matters has enabled us to launch, as part of the human management processes, actions to uphold equal opportunities for all in terms of access (hiring), implement wellness management with a diversity approach ensuring equal benefits for all, and prevent and sanction sexual harassment at work and violence and/or discrimination in any form,” explains Jessica Dominguez, Human Resources Manager and Member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee at Miranda & Amado.

The Miranda & Amado’s Wellness Program encompasses different cross-cutting initiatives, such as granting of rights that are not yet recognized by Peruvian legislation, namely, a benefits plan for LGBTIQ+ couples on an equal footing as heterosexual couples, or more days of maternity and paternity leave than those established by the law. Moreover, the Firm has implemented talent retention strategies that align career paths with the best performance and with salary equity, thus minimizing any gap between men and women. In addition, the training program focuses on factors that strengthen diversity and equal development for all members, such as unconscious biases, inclusive leadership, co-responsibility in family roles, and prevention of sexual harassment.

Since 2017, in an effort to measure its progress on its diversity journey and learn from the best practices of other companies, Miranda & Amado has participated in the Aequales PAR Ranking. The idea behind this initiative is identifying year by year the main opportunities for improvement to further strengthen the Firm’s diversity policies.

Thus, Miranda & Amado is able to provide the following snapshot: 53% of the Firm’s members are women while 47% are men; at the management level, headed by a female general manager, 66% are women and 34% are men. In the same line, in historically male professions, women make up a share of 66%, while men account for a 33% share in the Firm’s IT department; 66% are women while 33% are men at its CENDOC legal research center; and there is a 50/50 gender split in business intelligence, thus moving away from established patterns and breaking down myths regarding highly specialized careers for professional women.

“We also seek to promote our diversity and equality vision outside the Firm’s internal sphere. For example, we keep a record of our suppliers and their diversity practices to gain greater visibility of the companies we work with and make sure that they are aligned with our culture. We are also part of Pride Connection Peru, where we share best practices and develop different inclusion initiatives. Moreover, through the Red de Empresas y Discapacidad (RED), we generate strategies to create spaces for inclusion within companies, and through Women in the Profession, we promote the leadership and development of women lawyers,” adds partner Nathalie Paredes, a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee at Miranda & Amado.

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