New Delhi, Mumbai, Brussels, November 13, 2023 – Dentons Link Legal (India) and Dentons Europe have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Centre for Training and Research in Commercial Regulations (CTRCR) at Maharashtra National Law University (Mumbai) to collaborate on a pro-bono basis in the field of ESG.

The MoU provides that graduate level students, who are members of the university’s ESG Committee headed by Dr. Kiran Rai, will have the opportunity to collaborate with experienced practitioners from Dentons on ESG-related research and thought leadership projects, combining strong academic skills with practical experience. The initiative of the ESG alliance is led by Dentons Link Legal partner Ketan Mukhija (New Delhi) and Dentons Europe partner Bertold Bär-Bouyssiere (Brussels).

The Centre for Training and Research in Commercial Regulations (CTRCR), Maharashtra National law University Mumbai has an advanced legal research center in the field of ESG, with a pool of talented faculty and students.

Dentons provides clients with a wide range of ESG-related legal services covering sustainable finance, ESG due diligence, climate change and greenwashing litigation, environmental law, compliance, green energy regulation, employment and labor, corporate governance and ESG disclosure and reporting, among others.  The Firm’s ESG hub is a free online source of articles, thought leadership and webinars related to ESG-related legal issues.

Professor Kiran Rai said: “The ESG Committee at CTRCR believes that sustainability is at the heart of business.  With support and guidance from Dentons, we look forward to contributing cutting-edge research in the area of socially responsible business and ESG compliance.”

Ketan Mukhija said: “By combining Dentons’ legal expertise with the university’s academic knowledge, we aim to empower individuals and communities with the awareness and tools they need to navigate the complexities of crucial ESG issues.”

Bertold Bär-Bouyssiere said: “This project is important for both sides. The university gains access to a global law firm able to inform their research and help mentor students.  Dentons has the chance to collaborate with a group of very smart people, who are passionate about ESG law, are experienced researchers, and can offer a valuable perspective from the Global South.”


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