OFFIX Holding Ltd of the Swiss Buying Cooperative of Stationers PEG and Office World Holding Ltd, which belongs to MTH Retail Group Holding, join their business in the newly founded Office World Group AG. 

With this closing of ranks the two leading corporate groups for office supplies and services in Switzerland combine their access to Swiss wholesale and retail businesses as well as to the more traditional distribution channel of independent stationery and office supplies retailers. OFFIX Holding Ltd brings its firms Papedis, Ecomedia, Oridis, Office Leader and DocuServ, whereas Office World Holding Ltd brings its firms Office World, iba and Tramondi. The new group provides the market with 19 sales points, several online shops as well as over approx 2’000 local specialised retailers and retail chains. The merger gives way to a Swiss corporate group, which is represented in all parts of the country and which earns a turnover of around CHF 400 million with just short of 600 employees.

Kellerhals Carrard (Thomas BählerMichèle RemundKathrin EnderliLukas Dellenbach) supported the Buying Cooperative of Stationers PEG and OFFIX Holding Ltd in this transaction; Thomas Bähler is the vice chairman of OFFIX and a member of the board of the PEG.

Press release (in German)

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